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21 Dec 1996 - 07 Apr 2021
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Northern Gardening 
Northern Gardening is a practical resource for all gardeners, especially those in a northern climate. I am a Minnesota Master Gardener and write a gardening column for our local newspaper. I have over 19 years of "hands-on" experience working in my own gardens here in Minnesota. If a plant is mentioned in one of my articles it has proven its hardiness in my own northern gardens [zone 4].
If you would like to read some of my past newspaper articles, they are available below. I will be adding a new one monthly--so check back. I have also included a photograph album showing my backyard [page one and page two] as it has evolved. The album documents the changes over the years from my first small garden, to making the pond, and adding a gazebo.
I have recently added photographs of the gardens I visited while in France. The photos include the gardens of Monet at Giverny, as well as many other beautiful gardens of France. There is also an article which briefly describes the gardens and our trip.
Another addition is a search engine for gardening and horticultural factsheets I've named "GreenSheets"​. There is a wealth of information still on gopher (originated at the University of Minnesota!), so I hope that if you have a gardening question or problem, you will give it a try.
I have also started a new award just for gardening sites at GeoCities. There are many outstanding garden pages here, and I would like to recognize the ones that I feel are the best.
There is also a page with all my favorite gardening links. The list is becoming a little long--but at least it's alphabetized! I would like to thank Tim Hart for creating a special animated gif for the Northern Gardening Link Page. He has generously offered to do the same for others, so if you are interested, please visit his GeoCities site.
If you have a few extra minutes please sign my guestbook​. If you would like to be added to my monthly e-mailing list announcing the newest article, additions to my gardening page or other net news that might be of interest to gardeners, e-mail tlyockey@geocities.com​.
"Good gardening!​"
Planting Trees and Shrubs
"Curb Appeal" (Front-yard Gardening) from the Dec. '96 Minnesota Horticulturist Magazine
Starting Seeds Indoors
Ordering from Seed Catalogs
Caring for your Poinsettias
Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter
The Gardens of France
Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs
Edible Landscaping
Designing a Perennial Garden
[before and after]
Container Gardening
Digging a New Garden
Dividing Perennials
Everlastings (Dried Flowers)
Flowering Vines
Natural Remedies to Deter Pests
Planting for Fragrance
Ponds and Waterfalls
Shade Plants
Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds
Find the answer to all your gardening questions!
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Are you looking for the perfect plant for that hole in the front of your border?
You can't go wrong planting my favorite perennial the new Flower Carpet Rose.
To make the rose at the top bloom again, hit reload.
Hint: If you don't have your own web page and are a regular visitor to mine (plus the Netscape site is getting a little old), you can save a lot of valuable loading time by setting "Northern Gardening" as your home page. If you are using Netscape just go to Options, then Preferences, then Appearance which has a place to add home page location (http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/1329).
You'll be greeted with the rose blooming whenever you go on the net!
You are more then welcome to download this information for your own use (that's why I have this page!), but please leave my name on any reproductions.
Copyright © 1996 Terry L. Yockey
Blooming Rose Image by Bill Rawlinson

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