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Welcome to Midi Page Portugal
Versão Portuguesa
At this location you can find original and ethnographic portuguese music in standard midifile format. It's also the home of the original GeoSongs​, now presenting the GeoSong of the Month. The first GeoMidi has just been released! Stay tuned!
Here are just a few examples of music created by portuguese musicians. The number of midifiles is growing fast. Some are "zipped" for your convenience and will be added to frequently, so feel free to come back for more. All files are General Midi compatible. All original music presented here is copyright and should not be used for comercial purposes, unless otherwise stated.
Traditional Portuguese songs
Abril em Portugal - melody of all times, romantic - 3K
Rama de Oliveira - traditional tune sung in the Alentejo - 1K
O malhão - folk dance music - 2K
Milho Verde - jazzy piano version of a folk classic - 2K
All of them - click here to get all of the previous songs - 7K
These songs were played by Ricardo Fráguas, a young musician from Porto, who also sings in a vocal group called "Vozes da Radio"
More Portuguese songs
Postal dos Correios - melody of all times, romantic - 26K
Vejam Bem - traditional song of friendship and resistance - 25K
Antonio Eduardo Horta makes his debut in the Midi Page, with two traditional songs.
Original music from Joaquim Lé:
HotSprings - the GeoSong for March -16K
HotSprings - same as before, but with no melody so you can sing along- 14K
GeoCities - the first GeoSong in midifile format - 20K
GeoCities - same as before, but with no melody so you can sing along- 18K
Life goes on - funkyrock instrumental - 19K
Quem sabe? - piano and sax instrumental - 14K
Haja saúde" - flamengo rock - 62K
FreeJazz - as the name goes - 18K
You may use the Geocities midifiles freely in your home page. A link back to the Midi Page would be appreciated :-)
Joaquim Lé plays eletric guitar and vocals in a rock band from Porto, called "Atelá"
Original music from Paulo Soares (Jójó):
Contraste - piece written for portuguese guitar - 14K
Paulo Soares is a teacher of portuguese guitar and composer of fine pieces
Original music from Miguel Gomes
Allegro - a classical contemporary piece - 18K
If you want to listen to other original classical pieces, check out Miguel Gomes homepage​.
Original music from Doug Pitt
Time Stands Still - soft evolving melody - 38K
This humble midi page turns international with Doug's contribution. You may visit him too.
Original music from Fernando Baptista
Mood - instrumental synthethizer tune - 38K
Fernando Baptista is the first midinaut to send in a tune and asks for assistance in finishing it.
Original music from Alfredo Marques
Colinas - instrumental soundtrack - 19K
Alfredo Marques is a midinaut from Oporto, and is also known as Deltic in IRC waves.
We urge all midinetters to contribute with midi traditional compositions of their own to help create a multicultural miditheque. Please e-mail your midifiles to:
Geosongs - the songs I dedicated to Geocities​.
Miguel Braz links - find all the links you need in the music business​.
Duo Loucuras - homepage from this couple living in the USA.
Fado - here you can listen to fado in audio format.
Bands - discover the new sounds of Portugal​.
Musical Archive - of portuguese music.
Virtual Museum Maria Graciette - the exhibit of the works from a portuguese artist born in Albufeira​.
Portugal - "home page" of Portugal​.
Timornet - learn about the drama of the martyr maubere people.
Aikido - get acquainted with this martial art and meet the Portuguese Federation​.
SAPO - here you can find most anything in Portugal, it's our local browser.
Women's Health - find the links you need, in Portuguese.
WeŽll keep adding links as we go along :-)
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