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13 Apr 1997 - 8 Mar 2020
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A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy: How to Live With a Pregnant Person
A New Book By John Zakour
What do you get the guy who has just found out his other half is going to have a baby? This book!
It's a fun guide to help men know what they should and shouldn’t do every step of the way. It tackles the difficult topics of cravings, and trimesters, and what they mean to men.
Being a man himself, Zakour knows the importance of sports references and remote control analogies.
So you're thinking "A Man's Guide to Pregnancy? Huh?" Here's a sample!
View the News Release about this new book. (Coming soon!)
When will it be available?
So, now I bet you're thinking, how can I get myself one of these books? Well, it's really easy. The book is being released this month, in April 1997.
So, if you would like us to notify you once we start taking orders for it, and when it's available in online stores as well as gift and bookstores, all you have to do is put your e-mail address in the box below (then press "return" or click "Submit"). We'll let you know where and when it's available.
This, of course, does not commit you in ANY way, we will just let you know once it's released. And, no salesman will call, no saleslady or salesperson, or salesdog or anything. We promise.
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