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06 Apr 1997 - 03 May 1999
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Most people know the Florida Keys and Key West as a great get-away. One of the most unique places on earth. Calm, Serene. Laid back. Just the right setting to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your spirits.
But a get-away to the Florida Keys and Key West is much more than peace and quiet. And not just because of the legendary fishing and the world's most spectacular dive sites.
The Keys mean history. Art. Theatre. Museums. Shopping. Fine dining. Entertainment. And much more. All told, 120 miles of perfect balance between natural beauty and extraordinary excitement. Between relaxation and activities. Between the quaint and the classic.
And you'll find our accommodations just as diverse as our pleasures. From some of the best camping spots in the country to luxurious hotels. From charming bed-and-breakfasts to rustic, family-owned lodgings. In other words, we've got something for everyone.
In the following pages you'll get to know what your Florida Keys vacation can and will be like. What you'd expect. And what will surprise you. Our fame and our secrets. We figured we owed it to you.
After all, we wouldn't want you to get here and wish you had booked just a few more days.
The Highway that Goes To Sea
History Lives in The Florida Keys
American's Caribbean Islands
Offer A Vacation Paradise
Breezy Circumstances Keep Life
Temperate In The Florida Keys
Toll-Free Numbers Easy to Remember for
Keys Visitors Information and Assistance
The Ten Key Commandments
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