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April 16, 1997
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Colosseum/Field1263 -- Atlanta Braves fans can take the Braves Trivia Challenge and Survey at this fan zine.
The GeoCities and SPIN magazine Best Unsigned Bands competition has begun! You can hear great Rock, Pop, Alternative and Jazz/R&B; from bands across the country. Plus, check out great music-related homesteader pages, win CD's in "Three for the Road", play music trivia, and check out the Mosh Pit chat rooms.
Are you in a band? It's not too late to enter. Win $1,000 in audio equipment, a mention in SPIN and a full live-to-tape concert on GeoCities!
Buying a car just got a lot easier. Get all the info you need at the new Car Center,
brought to you by Auto-By-Tel.

40,000 Computer Hardware and Software Items at Internet Shopping Network
GeoCities is proud to present Programmers' Pavilion, a showcase for cutting edge technology. Visit the Microsoft Developers Toolbox, Redmond Roundtable forums, and the monthly Developers Contest. You can also submit your own page to be featured here.
Browse through the Recipe File for a tasty new dish
Discover a new restaurant or enter your own Restaurant Review
Visit Bartender magazine’s Wine and Cocktail list
Pose a question to one of America’s Great Chefs
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