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22 Oct 1996 - 20 Dec 2016
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What is GeoCities?
GeoCities is a company dedicated to offering rich and dynamic content for our members and visitors alike. The centerpiece of that strategy is providing free Personal Home Pages in one of our thirty-three themed communities to anyone with access to the Web. We also offer a free GeoCities Email account to everyone that signs up for a free home page. We have more than 450,000 individuals sharing their thoughts and passions with the world, and creating the most diverse and unique content on the Web.
You can also subscribe to GeoPlus, the premium service of GeoCities, to have more space for your home page, get a personalized URL, lots of free stuff and much more.
Our philosophy has always been that locations on the Internet become easier to relate to when they are rich with content and closely identified with an actual idea or location. In support of this belief and in keeping with the culture of the Internet, we've developed this free Personal Home Page program, and built themed communities to accomodate thousands of home pages.
Why choose GeoCities?
GeoCities is the most popular provider of free home pages for several good reasons:
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