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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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More About GeoPoints
GeoPoints are the currency of GeoCities. You can earn GeoPoints for lots of different activities, and you'll be able to redeem them for all sorts of things. Here's a summary of the way GeoPoints work:

Earning GeoPoints:
Redeeming GeoPoints:

You are welcome to save up your GeoPoints or spend them as fast as you receive them. Go by and browse the GeoStore to see all of the cool things we have to offer. Of course, the longer you save, the better items you'll be able to get. And you can always check your GeoPoints balance by looking it up in your Personal Profile, which is updated twice a month.

Here are some examples of ways to redeem your GeoPoints:
Your GeoPoints remain valid for three years after they're earned, as long as you remain a GeoCities homesteader. We'll be adding more ways to earn and spend GeoPoints all the time. Point equivalencies are subject to change without notice.
Questions? Let us know.
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