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5 May 1997
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FTP Room
The 'FTP' room contains links to Waite Group Press's FTP site. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a directory area where you can find files that can be downloaded from your browers or ftp capture program. In the ftp area you will find the software that is found in the back of our books, ready to be downloaded. Each book is in a directory with a name that is an abbreviation of the book's title. For example the software for the book Flights of Fantasty is in the directory called FOF. Most of the software is in ZIP files. Each directory contains a readme text file that explains the installation process.
The FTP site as of 7-26-96.
Directory =Book Title:
3DML =3D Modeling Lab
BA3DGP =Black Art of 3D Game Programming
BAMGP =Black Art of Mac Game Programming
BAWGP =Black Art of Windows Game Programming
BYOSF =Build Your Own Flight Sim in C++
CPPPP2E=C++ Primer Plus Second edition
CC_in_VB=Certified Course in Visual Basic
DXF2PLG/ =DXF to PLG Convertor
DelphiHT =Delphi How-To
EOC =Engines of Creation
ERRATTA =Errata for our books
FOF =Flights of Fantasy
FRACTINT =Fractal Creations 2e
GARDENS =Gardens of Imagination
HTMLWPPCK =HTML Web Publisher Construction Kit
Java_Primer_Plus =Java Primer Plus
mcpp4win=Master C++ for Windows
MORPHING =Morphing on Your PC
ms_access_95 =Microsoft Access 95 How-To
msghook =32 bit version of message hook
OOPCPP2E =Object Oriented Programming in C++ Second edition
PLAYGOD =Playing God
RTC2E =Ray Tracing Creations Second edition
RTW =Ray Tracing Worlds with POV-RAY
SEP =Sound Effects Playhouse
STEREO3D =Create Stereograms on Your PC
VB4dht =Visual Basic 4 Database How-To
VBHT2E =Visual Basic How To Second Edition
VBSB2E =Visual Basic SuperBible Second Edition
VRC =Virtual Reality Creations
Win95_API_How_To =Windows 95 API How-To
The FTP directory will look like this in a typical browser: NOTE: The list below are not actual links, but the ones above are. You need to Jump to the FTP Site in order to access the directories or use the individual directory link above.
Trouble Accessing the FTP site
If you have trouble connecting to the site, try using ftp software, Fetch on a Mac, WS FTP or WS FTP32 for Windows, instead of your browser. After you have retrieved and installed the ftp software, you will need to enter this information in order to access our site: Host = ftp.waite.com User ID = anonymous Password = your email address Directory = /pub/waite/If you continue to have trouble send email. Include any error message(s), what type of software you are connecting with and where you are connecting from.
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