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05 May 1997
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Links to Cyberspace
These are addresses of ftp sites and WWW pages that we think our readers will find helpful and informative. You'll find publishers, technical bookstores, on line britannicas, electronic magazines, and so on. See what other publishers offer and shop comparatively on line. The links marked in bold are some of the best on the Web for computer book readers.
Access Online is the Web site for the Access hypertext magazine from the NCSA, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. A typical issue is Summer 1994/Vol. 8, No. 2 -- Virtual environments, which covers subjects such as: A virtual environments toolset driven by science, VROOM Scientists on VR, VROOM Projects, Step into alpha, Open your ears to the sounds of chaos, Virtually seeing geometry, Truth in science imagery. Research: ZEUS code simulates comet crashing into Jupiter, FLASH! World's largest computer simulation of the universe on CM-5, and so on. The covers for these magazines are very pretty.
If your MAC is sad or you just want to be up-to-date, Apple Computer has a bushell of info for you.
The Awesome List is compiled by John S. Makulowich , Internet Trainer. The Executive Summary for this site says: "Gathered here, from one Internet trainer's viewpoint, are the glory and grandeur of the Internet, the sine qua non of Cyberspace, the main characters in the evolving drama ... I tried to produce a hypertext document that journalists, trainers and speakers could use easily. Also, I hoped to assist those of us asked--usually on short notice--to highlight the value, breadth and depth of the Internet." There are over 120 sites represented with hotlinks covering subjects such as Academic Physician and Scientist, (World) Art Treasures, Electronic Cafe, Federal Government Information, Interactive Frog Dissection Kit, Law Schools & Law Firms, Map Collection, PharmInfoNet, Publishers' Catalogues, Stock Quotes, and much more.
Bookstore Locations around the world This is mainly a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that contain large lists of bookstores in different areas of the world and the US. If you are visiting an area and want to know what book stores are nearby this would be a great site to browse. Here is a typical entry describing a store in our home town: Corte Madera: Book Passage (51 Tamal Vista Blvd, 415-927-0960). Written up in the 9/21/92 issue of PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. Over 9000 sq. ft. of books, including a 3200-sq.ft. section devoted to mystery and SF and a rare and used book department. "Book Passage's great strength is its travel section. It was the only place in the Bay Area where I was able to locate a guide to freighter travel." The store also carries titles in French, Spanish, and German, and has a cafe in the back. In an attempt to fill the gap left by cutbacks in the California library system, they have recently (6/93) started a (pay) lending library of books, audiocassettes, and travel videocassettes. (Corte Madera is in Marin County, across the Golden Gate Bridge.)
The Small Business Resource Center is a collection of online reports, hypertext links and an illustrated hypertext catalog with online ordering containing books, cassettes and courses of interest to current and prospective small business owners. We offer a free, online marketing channel to self-publishers of small business-related materials.
Cant find that special tome. Try Bookzone out.
Britannica Online The Britannica Encyclopedia.
Welcome to Open Market's directory of Commercial Services​, products, and information on the Internet.
Informative and irreverent, FilmMaker Magazine explores the creative process and demystifies the production process of independent movie-making, giving its readers facts and a point-of-view available nowhere else. Published quarterly. Available internationally on newsstands everywhere and via subscription.
HotWired Web Magazine - A very interesting Webzine.
Internet Guides, FTP Archives, Gophers Sites, USENET Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Drafts, RFCs, and FAQs are all located at Internet Resources.
The Internet Society is a non-governmental International organization for global cooperation and co-ordination for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications
Have a question? Are you stumped? The List of Usenet FAQs has a FAQ on just about everything (including Dave Letterman).
Its 3:00 am and you would love to take a walk thru a museum. But they are all closed. Not the WebMuseum in Paris it is open all the time.
The Internet home of Macmillan Computer Publishing USA, the world's largest computer book publisher.
Is Windows 95 doing funny things? Want to know what Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation are planning? Then this is the page for you. Get support and info on software products, read speechs by Mr. Gates and much much more.
Movie details, biographies, ratings, reviews, pictures and sounds. If it's movie related, the Internet Movie Database has it ALL.
Need to make a form in NCSA Mosaic? NCSA's Web page tutorial on forms is right up your alley.
Are you a Ray Tracer? Here is the Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-RAY) page. Here you will find the Hall of Fame, discussions, FAQs and the latest versions POV-RAY. Come have a look and discover what you have been missing.
Bored with all those old websites? Do you need to update that Pink Floyd link? The What's New Archive lists new or changed sites on the World Wide Web and is updated three times a week.
What's New in Commercial Sites on the Web lists companies recently adding web pages to the internet.
Voted Best of the Web '94. The World Wide Web Worm serves up millions of URLs everyday.
Prepare to experience the world in a way you've never seen it before: through Stephen Schutz's incredible 5-D(tm) Stereograms​. By incorporating hidden Multi-Dimensional images into beautiful pictures, 5-D(tm) stereogram interactive art will delight and astonish you.
The name Yahoo! is supposed to stand for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle", but a customized database will help you efficiently locate and identify material stored on the Internet.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers contains links to WWW pages relevant to publishers and libraries.
Located in Marin County, California the College of Marinhas its own web page with lots of information about the coming class schedule, fees and general admission info. Come see what our youths of today do while they are away at college.
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