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5 May 1997
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This is a chronological list of titles scheduled for release between January and September 1996 from Waite Group Press. To see a complete list of All Waite Group Press titles in alphabetical order activate this link. To see books arranged by subject activate this link: Subjects
Spring 1996 New Releases
February 1996
Windows 95 Win32 Programming API Bible​Certified Course in Visual Basic 4.0 The Black Art of Macintosh Game Programming​Java Primer Plus
March 1996
HTML 3 How-To​Build Your Own Flight Sim in C++​Microsoft Access 95 How-To
April 1996
Windows 95 Common Controls & Messages API Bible​Web Publisher's Constuction Kit with VRML Visual Basic 4 API How-To
Perl 5 How-To​Windows 95 Multimedia & ODBC API Bible
Windows 95 API How-To​PowerBuilder 5 How-To​Visual C++ 4 How-To​Microsoft Foundation Class 4 Bible​Delphi 2 Developers' Solutions​OpenGl Superbible​Spells of Fury
HTML 3 Interactive Course​Perl 5 Interactive Course​C++ Interactive Course
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