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5 May 1997
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If you are interested in communicating with the employees of Waite Group Press, or sending a general mail message to us, this is the room where you can do that. If you would like to send a general message to us and have a browser that supports forms, access this link General Email Form. If you would like to talk to the Publisher of Waite Group Press, for example to tell him what you think of this Web site, you can send email by just clicking on the link for his name. You can contact the Editor in Chief, Charlie Drucker, if you want to discuss the operational side of Waite Group, have an idea for improving the business, or just finding out more about how we work. If you have a book idea, send email to the Waite Group Press Acquisition Editor, Jill Pisoni. Editorial questions are handled by John Crudo, our Editorial Director. Technical problems can be answered by Dave Middleton, Foreign Sales information can be obtained by sending mail to Nina Davis. For communication regarding publicity, free desk copies of our books, or advertising, please send email to Lisa Anderson Mann.
To send mail to an individual below click on their name.
Mitchell Waite, C.E.O. and Publisher
Mitchell Waite is publisher and C.E.O of Waite Group Press. Mitchell wrote his first book in 1974, and since then has gone on to author and coauthor over 20 different titles. In 1983 he incorporated The Waite Group, a computer book packaging company. In 1990 he created his own publishing company, Waite Group Press, which has gone on to become the most innovative and respected publishers in the industry, producing over 30 new computer books each year. To read Mitchell's message to our readers access this link: President's Message
Charlie Drucker, Editor-in-Chief
Charlie Drucker is Editor-in-Chief at Waite Group Press. He manages the entire operational side of the company, and is responsible for both editorial and production. Charlie spent nine years at Vanstar where he produced ComputerLand magazine and supervised the production of Vanstar's 800 catalog. To read Charlie's message to our readers access this link: Editor-in-Chief's Message
Jill Pisoni, Acquisitions Editor
Jill Pisoni is Acquisition Editor at Waite Group Press. She reviews and presents all book proposals. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Jill to see if it is a book we are interested in. To see how to write a book for Waite Group Press access this link: Writing a Book for Waite Group
Nina Davis, Foreign Sales
Nina Davis handles all Foreign Sales at Waite Group Press. If you are a distributor in a country outside the United States you can send email to Nina to set up an account with us. If you are interested in translating Waite Group Press titles to another language Nina can also help you.
John Crudo, Editorial Director
John Crudo manages the Editorial Department at Waite Group Press. He assigns and reviews projects, manages schedules, and deals with problems that arise on the editorial side of manuscript creation.
Lisa Anderson Mann, Marketing Manager
Lisa Anderson Mann is responsible for all publicity at Waite Group Press. Lisa coordinates all advertising, catalog creation, author tours, and press releases. If you are interested in desk or review copies of our books please send email to Lisa.
David Middleton,
MIS Director
David Middleton is the MIS Director at Waite Group Press. He is responsible for correcting all Technical Support problems that you may have with our books. Dave also maintains all our computers, equipment and Website.
Do you have questions regarding an Order? For details on Ordering a Waite Group Press Book check our order page.
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