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19 Dec 1996 - 12 Jul 2022
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Established in 1988, Protosource can trace roots back to 1971. For years, we have worked together as a team, blending our distinct and specialized skills and experience in produce packing, distribution, communications, equipment, consulting and support. Protosource is a Microsoft® Solutions Provider developing industry specific, custom and packaged, Windows-based software applications.

Classic SQL
A powerful combination of prevailing windows client-server technology and ease of use. A software system comprising of over 225 programs and reports, designed specifically for the fresh-produce industry.
ProFresh SQL
A complete system designed for the produce distributor. A system that incorporates new technology to meet the specialized needs of the distribution industry.
Classic Accounting
The software systems that maintain the management information needed to analyze the success of your business. The complete set of packaged reports coupled with the capabilities that SQL offers, give you the information you need, right at your fingertips...with the click of your mouse.
A windows based Radio-Frequency (RF) barcode system designed to track pallets against a manifest (either electronic or manual), locate pallets, and ship pallets.
The premier central California Internet Service Provider.
Providing sophisticated solutions for all of your advertising and marketing needs.
Protosource Computer Centers
Protosource Computer Centers provides total solutions for all of your computer training, hardware and software requirements.
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