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Choose key search terms to help others find your site.
This is an important step in your life as a GeoCitizen! By choosing categories and key words that describe the content on your site, other GeoCities members and people browsing through the neighborhoods will more easily be able to find you.
In addition, we'll be using these categories to put your site in the right place in other directories of personal home pages on the web. These directories are organized both geographically and by topic. So if your page is about in-line skating and you live in Los Angeles, your site will show up in their Los Angeles sports section. This means that a lot more people, both within GeoCities and on the rest of the web, are going to be able to find your site.
On the next screens, pick the categories and geographical location that best describes your site and where you live. It's okay if it isn't a perfect match.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask -- write us at comments@geocities.com​.
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