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3 Jul 1997 - 27 Oct 2009
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The Great Maui Escape. Click to win!

GeoRewards Members Information
As we told you in our letter, we've made a few changes to GeoRewards. We're replacing the old banners with the GeoGuide, which means that you need to create a new banner in the new size. The banner info is below.
Everything else, including the way you earn GeoPoints and GeoTickets, will remain as is, except you'll be earning them for the GeoGuide instead of the old banner tag. However, we're making the sweepstakes a lot better, including great prizes like computers and digital cameras. Here's some info on the GeoGuide sweepstakes.
The current sweepstakes will remain as-is for GeoRewards members who have had the old banner tag on their pages.
Give us your feedback on GeoRewards.
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