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21 Dec 1996 - 23 Oct 2009
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Advertising Production Specifications
GeoCities accepts banner and button advertising in all standard sizes established by the Standards and Practices Committee of the Internet Advertising Bureau in conjunction with CASIE:
Size (pixels)Type
468 x 60*Full Banner
392 x 72Full Banner with Vertical Navigation Bar
234 x 60Half Banner
120 x 240Vertical Banner
125 x 125Square Button
120 x 90Button
120 x 60*Button
88 x 31*Micro Button
* Although we will accept all sizes, we recommend these sizes for the best fit within GeoCities. We accept images in jpg, gif and animated gif formats.
Banner Advertising
We recommend the 468x60 pixel image size for banner advertising within GeoCities. We request that banner file sizes be kept less than 12K.
Block Listing Icons
Images for advertising in GeoCities unique block listings can be any size up to 95x50 pixels, including the 88x31 pixel CASIE standard Micro Button. We request that the file size of block listing icons be 2.5K or less.
Special Promotions
We can accommodate other image sizes as needed for special promotions on GeoCities. Please contact your salesperson if you have any questions.
Promo Buttons
We recommend the 120x60 or 88x31 image size for button advertising within GeoCities. We request that button file sizes be kept less than 4K.
Java Box Promotions
Advertising in one of our Java box promotions requires a 120x60 pixel banner. We recommend a file size of 4K or less.
Once you have finalized an advertising sales contract (contact one of our sales offices for more information), you can send us your banner(s) in one of two ways. If they are located in a directory on your web site, email Michelle Keyes at mkeyes@geocities.com with the URL, and we will retrieve the banners from your site. You can also just email the banners as an attachment. [Note: If you are a homesteader interested in submitting a banner as part of our GeoRewards program, you will be emailed instructions on how to submit your banner when you apply for GeoRewards. Please do not send your GeoRewards banner to the above email address. Thanks!]
Be sure to include the following information in your email:
  • banner name(s)
  • the exact URL you would like the banner to be linked to
  • any requests for specific placement locations within GeoCities
  • text you would like to appear below the banner
Thanks for your interest in GeoCities!
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