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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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GeoCities Supported File Types
Below you will find the current list of supported file types. We will add to this list periodically as new files become more common throughout the Web. Support for other file types can be requested.
For security reasons, we will not be supporting CGI scripts or .EXE files. However, we do have a counter script and a new customizable guestbook available for you to use. We also support a powerful form utility for your use in creating surveys, questionnaires, etc.
File typeExtensionFile typeExtension
MIDI (Crescendo).midStuffIt.sit
TIFF.tiff, .tifRich text.rtf
QuickTime.qt, .movMac BinHex 4.0.hqx
Audio Files.aiffCompressed Files.zip
RealAudio Files (non-streaming).raVideo Files.mov
Graphic Files.bmpShockwave Files.dcr
Image Maps.mapJava.class
Intel Video.ivsJava source.java
Plain Text.txtHTML Text.html, .htm
E-cash.cnfPortable Document Format.pdf
.vivoCascading Style Sheets.css
Microsoft Word.docMicrosoft Excel.xls
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