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3 Jul 1997 - 11 Oct 2002
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You can win cool prizes with the GeoGuide!
We have liftoff! To celebrate the launch of the GeoGuide Program we're giving you a chance to win a new Micron Millennia MME(C) Computer, a digital camera, a ZIP Drive or some great site development software.
All you have to do is install GeoGuide on all your site pages by July 31, and you will be automatically entered in the in the Great GeoGuide Summer Sweepstakes which runs from June 20-July 31. You will be eligible to win some really great prizes:
Grand Prize
A New Micron Millennia MME(C) 200MHz Pentium MMX w/ 64 MB RAM, 4.0 GigaByte Hard Disk Drive, IOMEGA Internal Zip Drive, 16X Variable Speed CD-ROM, 17" Monitor, U.S. Robotics 64K Modem, and Office 97 (Multimedia Kit).
First Prizes
Three Kodak 25 Digital Cameras with 1.6" LCD to review images, 24bit Millions of colors, Up to 29 pictures, Automatic flash, High Resolution 493x373 pixels
Second Prizes
Five Iomega ZIP Drives for storage and flexibility. They use 100MB Zip disks, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, DOS, MacOS, OS/2, SCSI-II or Parallel Port Models.
Third Prizes
10 terrific software packages to enhance your website.
  • Adobe: Photo Deluxe, Page Mill.
  • Astound: WebCast, WebMotion
  • MacroMedia: Flash2.
  • Microsoft: Front Page, Publisher, Picture It.
The earlier you put up the GeoGuide the better your chances of winning. Visits to your pages with the GeoGuide earn you GeoTickets, which are virtual sweepstakes tickets that will be entered into the drawing. The more GeoTickets you have the greater your opportunity to win. So if you put the GeoGuide on all your pages by, say, Friday, June 20, you will get the benefit of 41 days of traffic.
So this is your chance to be on the cutting edge and win cool prizes! Put the GeoGuide on your page today. Good luck!
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