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21 Dec 1996 - 28 Oct 2009
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I'm Ready to Get Started.
There are three basic requirements for participating in GeoRewards:
  1. Your site must have the GeoGuide at the top of your index page and any major entry pages.
    The GeoGuide is our new customizable, multi-featured navigational tool designed to sit at the top of your pages. The GeoRewards banner you create will show up on the right side of the GeoGuide. We're not requiring you to put it at the top of all of your pages, but remember, you earn GeoTickets every time someone visits any page when you have the GeoGuide on it, and you can win amazing prizes in the GeoGuide sweepstakes.
  2. Your site must be in the correct neighborhood for your theme.
    We ask our homesteaders to build their sites in the neighborhood whose theme matches their interests most closely, so that homesteaders end up "living" near other GeoCities members with whom they have something in common. Having sites match the theme of their neighborhoods is also important for our visitors -- people who come to NapaValley probably aren't too interested in browsing through sports sites, gamers don't want to look at pages about poetry, etc.
  3. Your site must meet our Content Guidelines.
    GeoCities has some basic content guidelines that we require all of our sites to follow. Take another look at them and just make sure you're not violating any, because we won't let you into GeoRewards if you are.
Here's what you need to do:
  1. Create a banner for your site.
    You need to create a banner to promote your own page. The banner has to be a 234x60 pixel GIF or JPG file, no larger than 6KB. Your banner cannot be an animated GIF. We realize that not everyone is a graphics whiz, so we've recruited a group of homesteaders who have volunteered to help their neighbors make banners. Remember, these members are helping you out of the goodness of their hearts, so please don't take advantage.
  2. Submit your banner and site to us.
  • First you'll want to get your completed banner into your directory. Upload the file using FTP or the EZ Upload utility which is located in the File Manager.
  • Then go to the Banner/Site Application Form and submit your banner to us. When we receive your banner we'll take a look at your site and make sure both your banner and your site conform to the guidelines listed above.
    If you are wondering about our response time, please check our "time in the queue" page to see the current waiting time.
We'd love to hear your comments about GeoRewards.
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