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Welcome to the GeoCities Online Help Guide
This is the place to help you find out about...
Finding your answer
The links on the left will take you to the topic that you need information about. You then will get information in this middle section about that topic or, you may see more links that will help you locate the information you need.
What about the links up top?
Help Forums
- Where GeoCitizens help each other out. It's one of the best places to find questions and answers on just about everything in GeoCities.
Help Chat
- Need your answer now? Try Help Chat.
Lost Password
- Lost your Password? Click this to go to the Password Utility. If you have trouble, click the Password Utility "help link" on the left.
- Our Community Leaders are homesteaders who volunteer to help other members in need.
WebTV users
If you are a WebTV user, check out the Using WebTV with GeoCities help page.
Answer not here? Don't worry.
In the event that your problem or question is not addressed in the GeoCities Help Guide, Help Forums, or by your Community Leaders, you can fill out a "GeoCities Help Form". Click the "Information" link on the sidebar for details.
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