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My name is Danny. I have spent extensive time on the web over the past three years, and run into a lot of cool graphics, but when I ran into animated gifs, after I started with Netscape 2.0, in March, 1996 I addictively started to collect them. The purposes of this page is to show off my collection, and give everyone a large resource for all go to, in order to find what they need to spice up their pages

***If you own any of these, email me, and tell me. I'll give you credit for your hard work. But, I do not take kindly to those who steal the credit for someone else's hard work, so I ask that you meet GeoCities criteria for claiming copyrights, first. You may view that on the GeoCities guidelines page(ie... I don't own the copyright to any of these, but will check before I give you credit, or remove them)***
If you are not a GeoCities resident, DO NOT link to pictures on this page... Please, copy the picture into your computer, and then FTP it into your account. You can do that by putting the mouse over the gif you want, and then click on the right mouse button (for macs just hold the mouse button down)- a pull-up menu will appear, and then choose the save gif option.
Then FTP the gif in. If you have your page in GeoCities, you can use the EZ File Upload Utility. If not, then get one, or find out how to ftp them in. If GeoCities asks me to change some files' names because too many people off of their systems are loading graphics from my account, I will comply.
If you do take one, just link me and tell everyone about my little collection here. Everyone is always looking for cool graphics
If you need more help, please read "Zen and the Art of HTML Maintanence" with Lim Minh-Lee.
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Rules and Lines
Balls and Buttons
Email gifs
Planetary Objects
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Companies and their trademarks
Skulls,diseases, and other signs of Death
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For more, visit my friend Mikey's Collection of Animated Gifs
Or if you have one that I should add, mail me:

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