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W​elcome to the Waite Group Press World Wide Web Site.
The Waite Group Press (WGP) is a San Franciso Bay Area publisher of computer books. WGP specializes in producing books and software on cutting-edge technology and computer programming. We invite you to take a "walk" through our Web site for an introduction to our books, authors, editors and more. To best enjoy your journey, think of traveling to a bookstore and school which has been constructed inside a virtual space station. The space station represents our server www.waite.com/waite​, and rooms represent different areas of our bookstore-school. The little robot guy is a Gobot - he will be your guide on this sojourn.
How Our Web Site is O​rganized
Waite Group Press joins Macmillan Publishing​New Book Arrivals In this Room you will find descriptions of all Waite Group Press books being published in our upcoming season. You can read a description of the book, including publication dates and prices, see its cover, and learn about the book's author(s). Make this room a browser bookmark so you can always access the latest information on Waite Group Press computer books.
All Waite Group Books This room holds all the books we've published in the last five years. You'll find detailed descriptions, publication information, ISBN, price, page length, a table of contents, and a complete index. In the next few months we will be adding sample chapters​.
Books by Subject This room is a master list of all our books arranged by topic area. So if you are looking for a book on a specific topic, like Visual Basic, C++, ray tracing, etc., check this area first.
Order Books This is where you go to order any of our books over the Internet. We will deliver a book to you within 3 days of confirming your order.
Go FTP Site This is the File Transfer Protocol area where you go to download the software that is included in the back of Waite Group Press books.
Inside Waite Group Press This is where you can meet the Waite Group "family", leave them mail, send proposals, etc.
Web Links This is our CyberLinks area and it is where you will find Internet and World Wide Web sites important to readers of our books, especially programmers.
Extra Stuff This room contains software goodies, messages from the President and Editor-in Chief, How to Write For Waite, Distributor details, and so on.
Technical Support This room contains information about contacting Waite Group Press for help with our books.
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This site was created by Mitchell Waite, President of Waite Group Press, and Rael Dornfest of HyperInk Studios. The site is maintained by David Middleton Waite Group MIS Director
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