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6 May 1997 - 17 Aug 1997
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HTML 3 How-To
The Definitive HTML Problem-Solver
David Kerven Jeff Foust John Zakour
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Creating a Web page using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) isn't as easy as you thought. How do you format a paragraph, create bullets, add underlined and boldfaced characters and blinking text? Or maybe you mastered the basics and need to know how to add sound and graphics, make images transparent, create interactive forms on the server, set up email hot-spots, or install a CGI application. No matter what you want to add to your Web page, you'll find it explained in HTML 3 How-To. The CD contains all examples, documents, program code, multimedia objects, a Web browser, HTML Editors, and easy-to-use Internet tools.
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Publication Date: March 1996 1000 pages ISBN: 1-57169-050-6 U.S. Price: $39.99 Disk Media: CD-ROM: 1 DOS/Unix/Windows Level: Beginning-Advanced Platform: PC/Unix/Windows Category: Programming/Internet
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