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24 Feb 1997 - 15 Oct 1997
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The Help Desk is a production of MindSpring's Electronic Services.
Who's Who at the Help Desk
Creative Direction
Phil White
Content Development
Phil White
Rick Long
John Clark
Zohar Mann
Bryan Kruel
BrYan Johnson
Bryan Kruel
Antony Chan
System Administration
Phil Goldinger
Glenn Everette
Contributing Writers
Kaushik Acharya
Soma Acharya
Yevette Bostian
Scott Bragg
Chris Chandler
David Flammia
Dave Gallatin
Ed Kelley
Ann Lowe
Zohar Mann
Edwin Million
Lisa Mooty
Michael Nordberg
Jeff Pabian
Bob Peatman
Ed Powell
Harry Smoak
William Young
Your Part in the Technical Support Process
MindSpring Enterprises Inc.'s intent is to provide excellent technical support for the software and service we provide our customers. This support does not extend to our customers' operating systems or hardware configuration.
The Help Desk goes beyond the limitations of our Technical Support staff, providing information about some hardware and software which are not supplied or supported by MindSpring. This information is a reflection of our desire to help, and, while well-researched, is provided as a service to be used at the discretion of an informed computer user.
Please observe common precautions when making modifications to your computer system, such as reading the documentation supplied by your hardware and software manufacturers, making backups before performing changes, and keeping notes of any changes you make.
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