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22 Dec 1996 - 21 Jan 1998
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Another exciting frontier on the web is VRML, or Virtual Reality Markup Language. This allows the user to "fly" through real-time rendered worlds and interact with the virtual environment that you create. What you'll need is Netscape Navigator 2.0 or above, or Internet Explorer 3.0, and a VRML plugin.
Live 3D Plugin (for Mac and Windows)
Cosmo Player Plugin (for Windows)
Putting a VRML page on your web space is a breeze. Once you've created a world, the file will be saved as a .wrl file. These files are simple ASCII text files and are interpreted by the VRML plugin and then viewed in the browser window. Below is an example of a VRML world on a typical dial-up web space:
World War I biplane
The Solar System
When you're ready to create your own VRML world, visit these sites to learn how to produce simple or complex worlds:
A Beginner's Guide to VRML
Aereal Instant VRML Home World
Yahoo's list of VRML editors
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