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21 Jan 1998 - 09 Feb 2005
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It's not just about weight lifting though, it's about getting and staying in shape. Now is the time to get started on those New Year's Resolutions and the Web offers some great resources for fitness, diet, and all around healthy living.
Many of the following sites can be found on MindSpring's Health Page.
General Fitness and Health
An all around healthy lifestyle is the key to feeling great. These sites help you to develop great habits for getting in shape and staying in shape.
thrive@shape - Thrive is an online magazine with a passion for living and a commitment to health.
Duke University's Diet and Fitness Center
Health Vision's Diet and Fitness Page
Shape up, America! - This web site is designed to provide you with the latest updates about safe weight management and physical fitness.
Ask the Fitness Expert!
Health and Fitness World Guide - This site is divided into 5 forums (anatomy, strength training, cardiovascular exercise, eating well, and sports medicine).
The Internet's Fitness Resource
Physical Activity and Health - Brought to you by the CDC, this site gives great benefits of physical activity.
Healthy living starts with eating right. A balanced, healthy diet can do wonders for improving how you feel. These sites help you to evaluate your existing diet and then offer helpful suggestions on how to eat healthier. They have some great recipes too!
Diet Analysis - This site lets you enter the foods you've eaten for the day and then calculates the percentage of your RDAs in your intake.
Fast Food Finder - This searchable database of fast-food nutritional information allows you to search specific restaurants for cholesterol, calories, sodium, and fat.
International Food and Information Council (IFIC)
Veggies Unite - An in-depth site on vegetarianism that includes a VegWeb Chat, Veggies Unite personals, and over 200 vegetarian recipes.
Dr. Michael D. Myers' Diet Information Page
The Healthy Weight Loss Page. - Great site on the right way to lose weight.
Runner's World Nutrition
The American Dietetic Association's information center
Breakthroughs in Health and Fitness
Sports Sites
The most fun way to stay in shape is playing sports. Whether it's an individual or team sport, the joy of competing is a great way to push yourself both physically and mentally. These sites offer some great advice as well as great direction to the best sports related sites on the web.
Runner's World Cybercise
Sport Specific Fitness
The Internet's Fitness Resource - Sport Specific Sites
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