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11 Jan 1998 - 24 Nov 2003
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X2 and K56Flex - are you confused about the two? Want to know what to buy depending on where you live?
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56Kbps technology is here. This means that you'll be able to access the Internet with a faster modem connection. Here is where it can get confusing - Although modem manufacturers have recently agreed on a 56Kbps standard, known as V.PCM, it still might be several months until this standard is implemented. In the meantime, there are still many competing technologies for modems running at speeds in the 56Kbps range. X2 and K56Flex are currently the two leading technologies. 3Com (was USR) offers X2 in their modems, while manufacturers using the Rockwell chipset are offering K56Flex, a joint offering developed by Rockwell and Lucent Technologies.
Before you shop for a 56Kbps modem, find out what technology your ISP supports and make sure that you buy a modem that supports the same technology.
Now, you're wondering,"What does MindSpring support?"
That depends upon where you live and which MindSpring Access Number you use. In general, in the Southeast, California and in New York City, MindSpring
operates our own Network. In these places, we use 3Com/USR Modems and we offer support for X2. For the rest of the country, Mindspring uses third party network providers. These third party network providers use a variety of modem brands, most of which don't support 56Kbps speeds yet. Our vendors are upgrading to the 56Kbps technology appropriate for their modems and, when they are finished, MindSpring will support 56Kbps connections everywhere. Keep checking the MindSpring Access Number list to see what technology is offered in your area.
Still sound confusing? The good news is that several of the companies offering X2 and K56Flex capable modems have committed to providing free upgrades to the new V.PCM standard. Also, MindSpring recommends that you purchase a "flash upgrade-able" modem so that when the V.PCM standard is implemented, you won't have to wait for the manufacturer to ship you a new modem. For problems or questions you might be having right now, take a look at our own MindSpring Help Pages! These should be very helpful in trouble shooting and configuring your 56k modem.
So, if you buy your X2 or K56Flex modem, and you can't connect at those high speeds right now, sit tight. While you may not connect at 56Kbps (and please keep in mind that a mid 40's connection is actually a more realistic expectation), your 56Kbps modem will know to attempt a connection at v.34 speeds (21.4Kbps to 33.6Kbps)(Keep in mind that you need to be running the most recent version of the modem manufacturers modem code).
We are getting ready for the new V.PCM standard to be implemented, and for our third party network providers to deploy the 56Kbps technology. We are also starting to build out our own network.
We've made arrangements for our subscribers to receive discounts from various modem manufacturers. Go to The Shopping Section to check out the savings!

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