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24 Jan 1998 - 24 Oct 2009
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Advertising Reporting

Our standard advertising reporting includes weekly impressions, clicks and click percentage for each active creative image, and we can most likely meet any special reporting requests you have. For example, some clients have designed custom reporting templates (Excel files with performance by day by creative, etc.) that we complete on a weekly basis. We can deliver reports by email, fax and/or regular mail.
Sample Report
Web Co., Inc.
Friday 1/1/99 through Thursday 1/7/99 (midnight to midnight, 7 days)
Summary by Creative Image
ImageImpressionsActual ClicksClick-Through
We're Great Banner245,2303,9471.61%
Better Web Stuff Banner250,7685,2222.08%
Click Me Banner256,5626,5762.56%
Try It Banner278,3978,9893.22%
TOTAL Web Co, Inc1,030,95724,7342.40%
Previous 4 weeks4,490,612102,9522.29%
Grand Total Web Co, Inc.5,521,569127,6862.31%
Rotation: Heartland, Hollywood, SoHo, TimesSquare, Utilities pages, Home Page
Area Detail: HEARTLAND
ImageImpressionsActual ClicksClick-Through
We're Great Banner49,0468521.74%
Better Web Stuff Banner50,1541,1632.32%
Click Me Banner51,3121,2042.35%
Try It Banner55,6791,9893.57%

Detail by area can be provided for each area in the rotation.

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