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24 Jan 1998 - 29 Oct 2019
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Ad Specs

GeoCities has four standard advertising positions, and custom options are also available. All of our regular positions conform to standard sizes established by the Standards and Practices Committee of the Internet Advertising Bureau in conjunction with CASIE. Full targeting capabilities are available for all advertising positions.
Advertising Positions
1) Banner Advertising
Put your 468x60 pixel banner (CASIE standard Full Banner) in rotation in a prominent position at the top of most GeoCities pages. Suggested file size < 12K.
2) Button Advertising
Enhance your campaign with a 120x60 pixel button (CASIE standard Button) rotation on key, high-traffic pages throughout GeoCities. We can accept any pixel size up to 120x60 pixels for these positions. Suggested file size < 4K.
3) GeoGuide Advertising
Take advantage of the attention-getting GeoGuide on hundreds of thousands of our member (homesteader) pages. The GeoGuide includes a 234x60 pixel banner position (CASIE standard Half Banner) in addition to navigation tools that draw viewers eyes to your banner. Suggested file size < 7K.
4) Neighborhood Block Icon Advertising
Our unique neighborhood browsing metaphor can put your ad button in the middle of a virtual street. Visitors that "walk down" the blocks of our neighborhood will see your up to 95x50 pixel button (including the CASIE standard 88x31 pixel Micro Button) among the other houses on the block. Suggested file size < 4K.
If you have already developed creative in other sizes, please contact us. We can modify existing files to fit our standard sizes, and we may be able to accept your file as is. Also, if we work with you to create a custom sponsorship or promotion, we can be very flexible about advertising image sizes and options within the custom area.
New Technology
GeoCities is committed to accepting the latest advertising technology, and we have run banners of the following types: static gif, animated gif, jpg, interactive Java banners, Javascript banners, Shockwave banners, and more.
We are able to serve any HTML fragment you can provide, subject to pixel space and file size limitations. Because anything other than gif's and jpg's can vary widely in design and implementation, we ask that you give us three days of extra lead time to run non-standard advertising technology.
If you have something new you want to try - let us work with you to be the first to do it!
Traffic Instructions
Email your banner/button file(s) to Michelle Keyes. Or, if they are located in a directory on your web site, tell us the URL and we will retrieve them. Be sure to include the following information for each advertising image:
Image name
The exact URL you would like the image to be linked to
Any targeting requests
Alt text (text you would like to appear below the image)

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