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24 Jan 1998 - 25 Oct 2009
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Beyond the Banner Promotions

GeoCities can design customized interactive programs and promotions. We have the ability to create and host unique, cutting-edge programs to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive traffic to your site. All programs are completely turnkey.
Neighborhood Sponsorships
Increase your presence on GeoCities via a sponsorship of one of our themed neighborhoods. A neighborhood sponsorship will increase awareness and promote your product image via association with a lifestyle interest (i.e. sports, technology, fashion, music, business).
Co-Branded Content Areas
We have created award-winning co-brand content for a number of Clients. These special "suburbs" are co-sponsored by your brand and feature editorial content consistent with the neighborhood theme.
Live Online Events
GeoCities can create unique online events and programs such as music concerts, comedy showcases, cooking classes, seminars, guest speakers, etc., based on areas of interest to your target audience.
Newsletters/Online Magazines
The GeoCities editorial and promotions staff can create an online newsletter/magazine, sponsored by your brand. The editorial focus will appeal to your target audience and works synergistically with your creative message. Consumers subscribe to receive the newsletter, allowing you to build a valuable consumers database.
Contests can raise awareness and/or drive traffic to your site. We can create contests on any size and scale; from online "scavenger hunts", where consumers search through GeoCities and your web site for clue answers, to sophisticated photography and music competitions.
Real Audio Tips/Trivia/Updates
Audio can increase click-through up to 3 times. We can create sponsored daily audio updates, tips of the week and weekly trivia.
GeoCities homesteaders participate in online discussions about topics of interest to your target audience. The subject and focus of the forums can be customized based on your marketing objectives.
Interstitial/Splash Screens
Create higher visibility for your brand via attention-grabbing Interstitial and splash screens.
GeoCities House-Warming
We offer a unique product sampling/couponing opportunity via the GeoCities House-Warming Program. Over 5,000 new homesteaders join GeoCities every day; we welcome each of these new homesteaders to GeoCities via the House-Warming Program, an e-mail filled with welcoming "gifts" from GeoCities and our sponsors. You can welcome these homesteaders via your virtual coupon, gift certificate, product sample, literature or software.

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