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24 Jan 1998 - 25 Oct 2009
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Latest I/Pro Audit Summary

GeoCities' high traffic levels and community-targeting make reaching your advertising goals a snap. NPD's PC/Meter has consistently ranked GeoCities as one of the top-5 highest reach sites on the Internet.
Nielsen I/Pro Audit Summary
GeoCitiesNovember 1997
VisitsIndicates the number of times visitors came to GeoCities


Average Per Day3,009,046
Average Visit Length10:34 minutes

PagesIndicates the extent of a visitor's interaction with GeoCities

Total Viewed

Average Viewed Per Visit5.6 pages

Our site growth has been audited by Nielsen I/Pro for over 2 years:
Monthly Page Views
source: Nielsen I/Pro audits

As you can see, our traffic has been doubling every three months for over a year -- and that growth shows no signs of slowing down. We delivered 502 million page views in November, 1997!
For a full copy of our most recent I/Pro report or a copy of the latest PC-Meter ranking, please contact your GeoCities sales person.

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