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Help Guides
Use the Help Guides to quickly locate the help pages for each section of GeoCities. From finding lost passwords to using your e-mail, you'll find everything you need below.
Find everything you want to know about the company, including Contacts, Job Listings, Press Releases, GeoCities Japan, and our Statement on Privacy.
Sign Up
A step-by-step guide to signing up. How to choose a neighborhood, where to find a vacancy and what to do next.
Getting Started
A step-by-step guide to starting your homestead. How to find and use the File Manager, the Basic HTML Editor and more!
This is e-mail central. How to sign up for your free e-mail (if you haven't already), how to set up your e-mail, how to access it and an e-mail trouble-shooting guide.
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is an easy alternative to our EZ Upload. Download popular FTP software here, and learn how to set it up.
File Manager
Once you've signed up, it's time for action. Consider this your homesteader action center. Want to change your account information? Move in? Move to a new address? Manage your homepage files? Get on over to the File Manager.
Find what you want when you want it. Plug in some keywords and find GeoCities homesteader pages on your favorite topics.
Member Lookup
Find the address or membername of anyone in GeoCities. If you enter a membername, you'll be given the homestead address of that member, or vice versa.
Move Utility
Have you decided the neighborhood you moved into isn't quite right for you? Move your homestead to an entirely new neighborhood by using the Move Utility.
Password Utility
Never got an e-mail with your new password from GeoCities? Or, do you just keep forgetting your password? No problem. Password Utility will help you.
Profile Editor
Change your membername, change your password or change your e-mail address, or anything else on your profile page.
Profile Deletion
Cancel your account or just start all over by using our Profile Deletion Utility.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Counters answered in one spot.
Mail Forms
Customize the information people send you in their messages. Learn how to put a Mail Form (or any other kind of Form) on your page.
Search Page
Place a GeoCities search engine on your own homepage!
Take your site to the next level with GeoPlus, the premium homepage service from GeoCities that encourages you to fully explore the potential of the interactive medium. From subdirectories to CGIs and expanded space, you receive all the advanced tools you need to become a personal web publisher.
Give your neighbors, friends and visitors an easy way to leave you messages by adding a new and improved Guestbook to your home page.
Resource Guide
This is a collection of links to other homesteaders who have put up excellent tips, guides and tutorials on their GeoCities home page. Topics include Links, HTML Help, Web Graphics, Animated GIFs, JavaScript, Icons and Logos, and much more!!
Chat&Forum; Help
This is your resource guide for using our Chats and Forums. Choose a "client" to begin chatting, or learn how to post a proper message in the Forums.
You can have the latest sports news and scores appear on your site all day long! Follow this step-by-step guide to adding the ESPN Wire to your webpage.
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