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Looney Toons
Alexandre V. M. Marques's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/3302​. The Bugs Bunny Home Page - Everything about the famous rabbit ( links, sounds, Images, Looney Tunes ) and much more !!
soapsuds's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3205/loonies.html​. A Looney Toons Link Hall of Fame. A little hommage to my favorite toons and places to find them. Always under construction - check back frequently. It's always cool to have a little Looney in your life!
fantaztico's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/9216​. fanTAZtico! cool Taz-Devil and Looney Tunes Images
Jimmy Whited's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/2812​. HEY!!!!!Come on in and check out my Cartoon page. Contains Looney Toon pics, and much more.
Muhammad Irwan Santoso's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/thetropics/5009/taz.htm​. Collections of Taz Mania image
Dave Barker's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/1141​. Dave's page about Wile E Coyote......loadsa piccies and wav's to keep you ocupied for ages -)
Marvin the Martian
Dave Barker's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/7068​. A page all about marvin the martian..... with loadsa piccies.
Gregory Grutman's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/8927/index.html​. Pictures Sound and Animation of Marvin the Martian.
Miscellaneous cartoon links & info
Kathy Thomas's​page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/7317​. For links to some of the best cartoon sites on the world wide web, CLICK HERE!!!
Rasperata's​page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/hills/4093/tool.htm​. Rasperata's collection of cartoon lyrics.
Datalemming's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Quad/5272/cartoons.htm​. A page in gestation, as it were, containing some Astérix, and also another less well- known cartoon charcter called Gaston Lagaffe.
Homer's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Marina/9473/cartoons.html​.Nothing but cartoon animation here. For persons looking for graphics to put on there site.
Dev's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/2569/cartoon.htm​This page has a huge list of links to many, many cartoons Search by title or letter.
graphicknight,'s page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/~graphicknight A toon intensive site! Galleries of favorites such as Jonny Quest, Ninja High School, and more.Extensive link site
Brian's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/7507/index.html​. Cartoon icons, animations, comic strips, and much more!
Natasha's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7781/animatio.html​.This has cool links and some original artwork by me. :o)
Crono's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/7327/animate.html . Directory of links to my favorite subjects in animation. Including anime, and my favorite cartoon series. It also contains list of episode guides for many great shows found everywhere on the net.,
Rocko's Modern Life
Rocko's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/9197/rocko.html​. A page dedicated to RML. DETAILED episode summaries, song lyrics, pics, and a few other misc. things.
christ-o-matic's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/academy/6311/Home.html​. Is a one page in spanish to Rocko's Modern Life
Sailor Moon
thalionar's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/area51/corridor/3281/fgslrjup.html.html Jupiter...Thunder...Crash! The Fan Girl's fave Sailor Scout is Jupiter! Come see why! (this site has lots o pics and a couple of Lita's favorite recipies!)
Brian Ellis (Eric as nick)'s page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/4845​. Like Sailor Moon? This is the place for you. Visit, sign the guestbook, visit cool links, and look at pics!
se-la-mu-n's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/7088​. This is a homepage made my me, Jenny, dedicated to SailorMoon--hit animimation around the world! If you're looking for pics of SailorMoon, this is the place to come!!
Sailor Io's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/2666/shrine.htm A Shrine to the best Sailor Senshi, Sailor Venus!
Daria's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/6316/sm.html Sailor Moon!
Elena Speciani's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Area51/2056​. A site deticated to the popular TV show, Sailor Moon. Not only does this site have some of the best pictures on the web, but it also has deep &detailed; backgrounds of each of the scouts/senshi. Also this site has got the ONLY Sailor Moon matchmaker, Cupid's Arrow. It's a matchmaker that sets up eligable SM loving people from all around the globe!
Scooby Doo
Mariano Lopez Jr.'s​page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/1250​. Homepage about that all-time classic SCOOBY-DOO. I even created an animated gif of the MYSTERY VAN that everyone is free to use.
Jimmy Whited's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/2812/​. HEY!!!!!Come on in and check out my Cartoon page. Contains Scooby Stuff and much more.
Jerrykid's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/4723​. Some of the best cartoons I know.For instance the Silverhawks.
William Merriweather's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8938​. My page a whole bunch of 80's cartoons. Including the show Silverhawks.
talkncat's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3637/smurf.html​SMURF!: of the 90s...Ever wonder what those little blue guys would look like nowadays? Well, this page is pretty much the answer.
Smurfling's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3608/enter.html All everyone's ever wanted to know about the Smurfs but was unsure of how to ask (or really, really embarrassed that they find themselves fasinated by them!)
Rainbow Brite's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/7783/smurfs.html This is a page dedicated to those wonderful cartoons of the 80's!The Smurfs and more to be added soon.
Crystal Elkins's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/9591 Cartoons!!! Smurfs and more to come.
The Simpsons-General
Old Sea Captain's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3181​. Ever heard of the Simpsons? It's Simpson heaven over here. I've got sounds, pictures, and a few little surprises.
Frederik's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/7520 . Check under toons to see my cool Simpsons page
Brian's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/7507/index.html​. Includes many different cartoons such as The Simpsons.
The Simpsons-Sounds,movies & contests
Tim Tarango's​page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3952/simpsons.html .Tim's Simpsons Page has ton of Simpsons sounds, movies and Homer's MMM's!!!
Vonnegut's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/1242​. A simpsons page with everything you can imagine:quotes, pictures, quiz (contest) and sounds. Much more is still in line to be added on!
Travis Miller's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/1363​.This Simpsons Page has it all. Tons of pictures, 3D pictures, Bizarre pictures, A complete list of characters, sounds, and a lot more.
simpsons_fan's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/1656​.Click here for great Simpsons trivia, info., sounds, and a chance to win the secret prize. Trivia not available this month, but it'll resume in August.
The Simpsons-Specific Character pages
Brendan Millhouser's​page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/televisioncity/1510/index2.html . Homer Heaven, sounds, pictures, and even a bio of HOmer J. Simpson.
Michael J. Kara's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/televisioncity/set/1728​.The Offical Groundskeeper Willy Fan Page-This page is a tribute to the greatest cartoon character of all times,Groundskeeper Willy.This page takes a look into the life and times of that Scotish Groundskeeper from the Simpsons.
Jerrykid's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/4723​. Some of the best cartoons I know.For instance the Thundercats.
William Merriweather's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8938​. My page a whole bunch of 80's cartoons. Including the show Thundercats.
Tiny Toons
Elmyra Duff's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/6613​. Elmyra's own cutesy-wootsey web page!
fuzzbucket's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8871/index.html . "Oh, No!! Not Another 'TTA' Home Page!!! (Yeah, it's another 'TTA' home page.) is pretty much exactly that! It deals only with Tiny Toon Adventures, and you're liable to find ANYTHING related to it there.
BabsBunny_C's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/4409​.This page a lot of Tiny Toons Adventures Stuff!.Sounds, Pictures,Model use for the show, Computer Games and more!
Goth Twin Elmyra Duff's page is located at: http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/7961/index.html​"Elmyra's Gothic Den of Cuddles" - Do you have your fuzzy pink bunny slippers on? Goodie! Join me for some cute and cuddly artsy goth silliness!
Tom and Jerry
Aaron Handy III's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/6765/tj75.html A detailed look at the 1975 adaption of Hanna-Barbera's Tom And Jerry (my all time favorite version of the cat and mouse duo!) through its three incarnations on ABC Saturday Morning (as part of THE NEW TOM AND JERRY/GREAT GRAPE APE SHOW, THE TOM AND JERRY/GRAPE APE/MUMBLY SHOW, and THE TOM AND JERRY/MUMBLY SHOW,respectively), including a real interesting backstory, a broadcast history, a listing of credits, lyrics to its main title theme, and an episode guide!
Randy Simcox's​page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/6859/tj.html​. This page is packed full of information on Tom and Jerry cartoons of the 40's and 50's. There is a complete episode guide as well as Sound and Picture files. Don't miss this one!
Jerrykid's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/4723​. Some of the best cartoons I know.For instance Voltron.
William Merriweather's​page is located at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8938​. My page a whole bunch of 80's cartoons. Including the show Voltron.
Winnie the Pooh
Karen Roth's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/7851​. Poohbear's World - lots of info on Winnie-the-Pooh plus!
Kaytlin's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/5881/KCR6.html​.For all Pooh lovers.
Livie's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/9786 .Hunny Pot Page It's got information and links to WINNIE THE POOH. (The best charater in the whole world by the way.)
Amanda K Estes's page is located at : http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/7177​T-I-Double Guh-rrrrrrrr!! That spells tigger....Pictures of tigger, pooh, and the whole gang! Links to other Tigger and Christopher Robin Pages!

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