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23 Jan 1998 - 12 Jan 2020
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Welcome to the GeoGuide!
The GeoGuide is a cool, customizable, multi-featured navigational tool designed to sit at the top of your pages. It can help people find your "home on the Web" and provide a launching pad for surfing GeoCities and beyond.
Visitors will be able to navigate via the "Search," "Pages Like Mine" and "Take a Tour" features directly from your page. They can provide feedback through the "E-mail Me," "My Guestbook" and "Rank My Site" features. They can also refer your home page to a friend using "Send This Page" and discuss topics in "Chat" and "Forums."
It's really easy to set up your GeoGuide. Just pick the elements you want using the GeoGuide Manager and your GeoGuide is created automatically for you. Then you place a little piece of code on your page. It's that simple.
When you put the GeoGuide on your pages you are automatically entered in the GeoGuide Sweepstakes. As an added bonus, you earn a GeoTicket for each visit to one of your pages with the GeoGuide on it. GeoTickets are entered into a monthly drawing for great prizes.
You'll also notice that beneath the GeoGuide appears a banner for a GeoCities homesteader, a GeoCities area or one of our sponsors. The GeoGuide Manager allows you to choose a rating level for the banners that appear under your GeoGuide. Your banner can appear there, too. Just create a 468x60 pixel GIF or JPG image that is less than 8k and submit it to us. If you can't create a banner for yourself, we have a list of volunteers who will do it for you!
GeoGuide Manager
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GeoGuide Banner Exchange
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