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21 Dec 1996 - 23 Oct 2009
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Computtoons FAQ
Question: What the heck does FAQ stand for?
Answer: Frequently Asked Questions.
Question: Is it Computtoons or Computer Cartoon of the Day?
Answer: Whatever. Prodigy wanted me to change to the name to something catchy... The latter name is more well known, but I do like Computtoons..."
Question: Can I reprint your cartoons for a non-profit publication?
Answer: Probably. Just ask first.
Question: Do or Did you work as a computer professional?
Answer: Yes, even though the term computer professional is a bit of an oxymoron. I was a database programmer and web page designer for a small part of Cornell.
Question: Do you know Scott Adams?
Answer: No, but we e-mailed once or twice.
Question:​: Do you work in my office?
Answer: Probably not, but I did work in an office once and when push comes to shove aren't they are really the same...
Question: What's your favorite computer cartoon?
Answer: The "Boy this thing is slow" one. Found in the background. It's based on an actual experience I had.
Question: Do you use writers?
Answer: Nope, I can't afford them.
Question: Why don't you use minorities in your toons?
Answer: I try to draw everybody kind of neutral. Besides we're all brothers (and sisters) when it comes to dealing with Computers.
Question: How come you don't draw very well?
Answer: I like to think of myself as a "humor writer" who draws with a simple yet refreshing style.
Question: My list of your cartoons isn't updating. Have you stopped doing new ones?
Answer: Nope, your cache is probably just "stuck". Use "clear cache" and new toons should appear.
Question:​How come today's toon wasn't funny at all?
Answer: Humor is very subjective what's funny to some people is stupid to others. For example, I did a toon once on "Hacker pick up lines -- Come to my place and I'll show me my Perl scripts..." I got around 24 e-mails on that one, 12 loved it, 12 hated it. (Or maybe I had to rush a toon out at the last minute.)
Question: How long have you been doing this?
Answer: A long time when compare to the age of the WWW and very very short time when compared to the age of the Universe. I started in Aug of 1994 -- which makes Computer Cartoons the third oldest more than 1 time a week regular cartoon on the web. There was Dilbert, Dr. Fun, then me.
Question: Why do you use the name Bob some much?
Answer​: It's easy to spel and is very simatrical. (See what I mean about the spelling....)
Question: How long will you continue to do this?
Answer: I have no idea. Hopefully for a few more years...
Question: Are you married?
Answer: Yep.
Question: Would you read this great story I wrote?
Answer: Sorry, between writing my own stuff and trying to have a regular life I don't have time to read other peoples stuff. (Heck the last book I read was Ender's Game -- way back in 1993.) Besides, what does it matter if I like a book or not, I have no power to publish or promote anything. If you like it, then it's probably good -- send it to people who can do something about it.
Question: What do you do in your spare time?
Answer: What spare time? Okay, I try to work out at least an hour day, walk a couple of miles, do some light weights, throw a few punches and kicks. To relax I like to watch TV -- mindless yes, but I like it.
Question: What are your favorite things to watch?
Answer:​Being a SCI FI / Comedy writer I like to watch SCI FI and Comedy. Sunday nights are great for me when I can (with a little help from my VCR) watch: Deep Space 9, Babylon 5, Space Above and Beyond (sniff), Lois and Clark, Hercules, Xena and the Simpsons. I also really enjoy: Fraiser, Seinfield, ER and yes even Friends (its cliche but its smooth cliche). Lately I've also been getting in Party of 5. (Except for the Simpsons my wife likes all these also.)
Question:​What's the air speed velocity of a sparrow?
Answer: Is that an African or European sparrow?
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