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Gardner, David, 1952-

Last chance : the Middle East in the balance / David Gardner.
London ; New York : I.B. Tauris, 2009.
LocationClassmarkBarcodeLoan TypeStatus
 Main Library DS63.18.G37  0921478X STANDARD AVAILABLE
Descriptionxix, 229 p. ; 25 cm.
BibliographyIncludes bibliographical references and index.
ContentsThe Arab political jungle -- The despot in his labyrinth -- The Janus of Islamic revivalism -- The time of the Shia -- Arabia Infelix -- Getting away with murder? -- A naked, poor and mangled peace -- Pax Arabica: the Middle East and the West.
SubjectMiddle East -- Foreign relations.
Middle East -- Politics and government.
Middle East -- Social conditions.
Middle East -- Economic conditions.
Middle East -- Foreign relations -- United States.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Middle East.
ISBN9781848850415 (hbk.)
1848850417 (hbk.)
OCLC #318675023
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As Barack Obama seeks to chart a new course in American foreign policy, one of the English language media's most respected authorities on the Arab world, David Gardner, addresses the controversial but urgent question: why is the Middle East so dysfunctional? And what can be done about it? Clear-sighted, never flinching from unpalatable truths, Gardner draws on his acute grasp of history (read more)
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p. xi
p. xiii
Chapter I The Arab Political Jungle
p. 1
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About The Author
David Gardner
David Gardner founded The Motley Fool in 1993.
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Professional Reviews
Guardian UK
May 30, 2009

Last chances in the Middle East have been two a dirham since the 1950s. Each year the enmities are more profound, the despots more bloodthirsty and clownish, the violence more extreme, and the conditions of ordinary existence more ghastly. Yet in this fine short book, David Gardner makes the case that the clock really is running down.
It is a fiery essay, but accurate (read more)
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