Bright Star University (Brega)
Libya / Ajdabiya / Marsa al-Burayqah / Brega
Bright Star University of Technology at Marsa al-Brega. Founded 1981. Academic year Oct. to March. Language of instruction: English and Arabic. PO Box 858, Mersa-El-Brega, Tel. +218 21 600 184.
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Coordinates:   30°25'28"N   19°41'10"E

Derek (guest)
The intention of this insinuation was to promote peace and spread awareness. However, the whole thing had bottomed out by some corrupts who had done nothing but driven this fantastic University into a total wreck . All the gradurtes from this univeristy has contributed to making it one of the best university in Libya. Many of them are doing their post gardute programs enhancing the good repuation about B.S.U. The main question now is appointed to the guys who have ended the jounrney of this institution. And the question is: How can you ever forgive yourselves? Bastards,,,
12 years ago | reply
alzawawi (guest)
11 years ago | reply
Assaad (guest)
thanks Mr Derek for your kind words
3 years ago | reply
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