Middle East News
UN Security Council approves ceasefire monitors for Libya
UN resolution also called on Libya’s new unity government to prepare for free and fair elections on December 24.
16 Apr 2021
For Erdogan’s Istanbul Canal project, critics see few winners
The controversial canal would be the jewel in the crown of megaprojects launched under the Turkish president’s watch.
16 Apr 2021
Turkey bans crypto payments and Bitcoin feels the pain
Bitcoin fell more than 4% after Turkey’s central bank banned the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services.
16 Apr 2021
South Africa is putting profit before Yemeni lives
The South African state has abandoned its commitment to human rights to profit from weapons deals.
Zen Mathe|Michael Marchant
16 Apr 2021
At least 41 people die after boat sinks off Tunisia
Officials say search operation continues after boat that left Tunisia on Thursday sank on the way to Lampedusa.
16 Apr 2021
Thousands of Palestinians attend Friday prayers at al-Aqsa mosque
Thousands of Palestinians offer prayers on the first Friday of Ramadan at Al-Aqsa mosque compound in East Jerusalem.
16 Apr 2021
Iran starts enriching uranium at 60%, its highest level ever
Announcement is likely to raise tensions as Iran negotiates with world powers to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement.
16 Apr 2021
Reckoning with Foucault’s alleged sexual abuse of boys in Tunisia
We need to address the reports about the French philosopher’s predatory behaviour in Tunisia.
16 Apr 2021
Israeli army says it targeted ‘Hamas military sites’ in Gaza
Israel claims it targeted ‘weapons manufacturing site’, while Palestinian media say agricultural lands also attacked.
16 Apr 2021
Turkey’s Erdogan, Pakistani PM talk before Afghan peace summit
Imran Khan reaffirms Islamabad’s commitment to Afghan peace process before key talks in Turkey later this month.
16 Apr 2021
Egyptian architects win Mosul mosque competition
The 12th-century mosque, famous for its leaning minaret, was damaged in 2017 fighting between ISIL, US and Iraqi forces.
15 Apr 2021
Greek, Turkish foreign ministers clash at press conference
The Greek foreign minister used his opening remarks to rattle off a series of longstanding complaints about Turkey.
15 Apr 2021
Turkey: Central bank holds rates in first meeting with new chief
Turkey’s central bank left its benchmark interest rate unchanged but dropped a pledge to deliver more rate hikes.
15 Apr 2021
US legislators ‘concerned’, vow to review resumed UAE arms sales
The Biden administration has told Congress it was proceeding with more than $23bn in weapons sales to the UAE.
15 Apr 2021
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