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‘We lost everything’: Despair and questions as Turkey burns
Devastating wildfires have burned forests and villages, killing at least eight and burned through huge tracts of land.
3 Aug 2021
Taliban accused of ‘massacring civilians’ in Afghan border town
US and UK accuse Taliban of killing dozens of civilians in possible ‘war crimes’ in Spin Boldak, south Afghanistan.
2 Aug 2021
Iran’s Raisi promises to lift sanctions, improve public trust
Ebrahim Raisi officially endorsed as Iran’s next president by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei at a ceremony in Tehran.
3 Aug 2021
Malaysia: From COVID role model to a mini-India
What Malaysia’s raging COVID-19 crisis tells us about failed leadership.
3 Aug 2021
Four officers who warded off US Capitol attack died of suicide
Two officers were reported to have committed suicide in July, while two others died days after the January 6 riot.
3 Aug 2021
Congolese man’s death in police custody sparks protest in India
At least six nationals of African countries injured during scuffle with Bengaluru police over alleged custodial death.
3 Aug 2021
Missing Belarusian activist found hanged in Kyiv park
Vitaly Shishov, who led a Kyiv-based NGO, was found hanged in a park in the Ukrainian capital, police say.
3 Aug 2021
Why Turkey wants to be in charge of securing Kabul airport
Ankara has a lot to gain from remaining a key player in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.
Abdul Basit|Zahid Shahab Ahmed
2 Aug 2021
China’s Wuhan to test ‘all residents’ as COVID-19 returns
City where COVID-19 first emerged reported seven locally transmitted case among migrant workers.
3 Aug 2021
How UAE-funded film The Misfits became anti-Qatar propaganda
Al Jazeera reveals that original script of The Misfits was amended to depict Qatar as a ‘terrorist state’.
2 Aug 2021
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