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Putin lavishes praise on Biden after Geneva summit
President’s comments come one day after his long-anticipated summit in Geneva with his US counterpart.
17 Jun 2021
Zambia’s founding father President Kenneth Kaunda dies aged 97
Kaunda, who ruled Zambia from 1964 to 1991, died at a hospital in Lusaka where he was being treated for pneumonia.
17 Jun 2021
How COVID vaccines work against the Delta variant
Here is what you need to know about the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines against the variant first identified in India.
16 Jun 2021
Will Israel’s Bennett be worse than Bibi for Palestinians?
Some analysts predict new leader will carry out his agenda of expanding illegal Israeli settlements more vigorously.
17 Jun 2021
UEFA asks Euro 2020 players to stop removing sponsor bottles
Cristiano Ronaldo started the trend on Monday at a pre-game news conference by hiding two Coca-Cola bottles.
17 Jun 2021
Ex-President Laurent Gbagbo back in Ivory Coast after acquittal
Ex-president lands in Abidjan after ICC judges upheld 2019 acquittal on charges related to 2011 post-election violence.
17 Jun 2021
Erdogan says he told Biden Turkey to keep stance on S-400s
Turkish president says he told US counterpart to ‘not expect Turkey to take a different step’ on the issue.
17 Jun 2021
US Congress chips away at law used to justify Soleimani strike
House of Representatives votes to repeal 2002 authorisation of Iraq war as President Biden backs a review of US posture.
17 Jun 2021
Super powers are super reckless (and foolish)
The summit between Putin and Biden showed only that they have not learned much from the mistakes of their predecessors.
17 Jun 2021
US Supreme Court backs Nestle, Cargill in child slave labour suit
The court ruled against Malians who said they were taken from their country as kids and forced to work on cocoa farms.
17 Jun 2021
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