US to Iran’s Raisi: Seize opportunity for diplomacy now
Stance by Washington official comes as Raisi pledges ‘diplomacy’ and ‘constructive’ engagement in his inaugural speech.
5 Aug 2021
At inauguration, Raisi promises Iran’s ‘engagement with world’
New president reiterates stance that boosting relations with regional neighbours top of his foreign policy.
5 Aug 2021
With tensions high, Gantz says Israel is ready to strike Iran
The comments come as tensions rise in the region following deadly tanker attack off coast of Oman.
5 Aug 2021
The many challenges facing Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi
From managing an ailing economy to balancing ties with the West, Iran’s eighth president will not have an easy job.
5 Aug 2021
UK agency says hijackers left ship off UAE coast
Incident was initially reported as a ‘potential hijack’ amid heightened tensions around the Strait of Hormuz.
3 Aug 2021
Iran’s Raisi promises to lift sanctions, improve public trust
Ebrahim Raisi officially endorsed as Iran’s next president by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei at a ceremony in Tehran.
3 Aug 2021
UK summons Iranian ambassador over oil tanker attack
Diplomatic row over attack on MV Mercer Street escalates as Iran warns it is ready to respond to any security threats.
2 Aug 2021
Can Iran’s new President Raisi fix a deeply troubled economy?
Iran’s economy has been crippled by US sanctions and decades-long structural issues.
2 Aug 2021
Iran’s health minister calls for lockdowns enforced by military
Iran’s health system could collapse amid a ‘catastrophic’ COVID surge, ​warns the country’s health minister.
1 Aug 2021
Iran rejects Israeli claim it was behind tanker attack off Oman
Israel, US, and UK blame Iran for an attack that killed two crew members on a tanker, an accusation Iran denies.
1 Aug 2021
Blinken says nuclear talks with Iran ‘cannot go on indefinitely’
There have been no breakthroughs after six rounds of indirect talks in Vienna to revive the deal torpedoed by Trump.
29 Jul 2021
Under pressure, Iranian MPs postpone internet restriction bill
The legislation aims to criminalise the use of blocked services, hand some internet controls to armed forces.
26 Jul 2021
Qatar’s foreign minister visits Iran to meet top officials
Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani met Iran’s President-elect Ebrahim Raisi to discuss bilateral relations.
25 Jul 2021
Iranian refugee Alizadeh narrowly misses out on Olympic medal
Alizadeh won her first three taekwondo bouts but lost the next two to finish fourth for the Refugee Olympic Team.
25 Jul 2021
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