Saudi Arabia
Saudi Aramco confirms data leak after reports of cyber ransom
The world’s most valuable oil producer said files were leaked on the heels of reports that hackers demanded $50m ransom.
21 Jul 2021
As Hajj winds down, Saudi Arabia ramps up big tourism plans
Riyadh has plans to tap a tourist market beyond religious pilgrims as part of economic diversification efforts.
21 Jul 2021
Pilgrims head to Mina as Hajj 2021 officially begins
Only 60,000 fully vaccinated citizens and residents of the kingdom are allowed to take part due to coronavirus pandemic.
18 Jul 2021
In Pictures: Hajj in Mecca during the COVID pandemic
The Hajj once drew some 2.5 million Muslims, but this year just 60,000 people are being allowed to perform it.
18 Jul 2021
Oil producers reach deal on output, ending UAE-Saudi standoff
The close Gulf allies have been publicly at odds over how quickly to increase output amid global pandemic recovery.
18 Jul 2021
Pilgrims arrive in Mecca for second Hajj during COVID pandemic
This year’s hajj will see only 60,000 fully vaccinated residents in Saudi Arabia take part in the five-day ritual.
17 Jul 2021
‘Lucky’ few start downsized Hajj pilgrimage amid restrictions
Only 60,000 vaccinated Saudi citizens and residents between the ages of 18 and 65 started the annual ritual.
16 Jul 2021
Saudi-UAE: Despite turmoil geopolitical goals remain steadfast
The cause of the current rift between the Gulf heavyweights is more profound than mere economics, analysts say.
16 Jul 2021
How Mecca has changed over the past 100 years
Al Jazeera takes you on a virtual tour of Islam’s holiest site – the Grand Mosque of Mecca.
15 Jul 2021
OPEC sees gradual recovery in oil demand as it closes in on deal
OPEC’s latest oil demand outlook fits with a yet-to-be-ratified plan with its allies to boost crude supplies.
15 Jul 2021
Saudi and UAE reach compromise in OPEC+ standoff
OPEC+ talks were abandoned earlier this month over a dispute that pivoted on UAE production quotas.
14 Jul 2021
When are Hajj and Eid al-Adha 2021?
This year’s Muslim pilgrimage is limited to 60,000 vaccinated citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia.
12 Jul 2021
Oman’s Sultan visits Saudi Arabia on first overseas trip
Talks are expected to focus on the Yemen war and economic and investment cooperation between Oman and Saudi Arabia.
11 Jul 2021
Oil climbs as US dollar falls amid OPEC+ supply stalemate
Crude is set for its first weekly loss since May on near-term supply uncertainty.
9 Jul 2021
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