26th Friday protest marches reiterate main Hirak movement's demands
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ALGIERS- The weekly peaceful popular protest marches have been staged for the 26th Friday in many parts of the country, reiterating the main demands of the Hirak movement, such as the "change of the political system" and "respect of the will of the people."
In Constantine, the protesters, far more numerous than in the previous Fridays, demonstrated in small groups through the boulevards of the city, calling for respect of the will of the people.
Some groups, waving the national flag, chanted "Maranach habssine," (We will not stop protesting) while others, carrying portraits of martyrs of the Liberation War (1954-1962), expressed rejection of elections without a change of government.
They also rejected the dialogue panel, expressing their determination to continue protests until all their demands are met.
The same determination and slogans were recorded in the protest marches in Jijel, Tebessa and Guelma, where the demonstrators walked through the main thoroughfares.
In the provinces of the country's centre, the protesters reiterated their demand to get the figures of the old regime ousted from power, calling for a democratic change of the political system and for the establishment of the rule of law in Algeria.
In Tizi-Ouzou, Bejaia, Bouira and Boumerdes, the demonstrators expressed rejection of dialogue with the "figures of the old system," demanding the release of the people arrested in the protests.
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In Blida, Chlef and Djelfa, protesters stressed their commitment to the main demands made since the beginning of the movement on February 22.
In the country's west, the demonstrators marched through the main streets and avenues, expressing determination to keep protesting until all their demands are met.
In Oran and Mostaganem, protesters called for a "free and democratic Algeria," chanting slogans for the dissolution of some political parties and the main demands of the Hirak protest movement.
The demonstrators called for awarding a Nobel peace prize to the peaceful protest movement of Algeria.
Similar demands were made in Sidi Bel-Abbes, Tlemcen and Mascara, where dozens of citizens marched or staged rallies to denounce corruption and call for reforms and a national dialogue.
In the country's south dozens of protesters demonstrated after the Friday prayer in southern province of Ouargla.
Most demonstrators in the country's south do not stage rallies and protest marches until the end of the afternoon because of the scorching heat.
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26th Friday protest marches reiterate main Hirak movement's demands
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