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This Java package contains a DFA/NFA (finite-state automata) implementation with Unicode alphabet (UTF16) and support for the standard regular expression operations (concatenation, union, Kleene star) and a number of non-standard ones (intersection, complement, etc.)
In contrast to many other automaton/regexp packages, this package is fast, compact, and implements real, unrestricted regular operations. It uses a symbolic representation based on intervals of Unicode characters.
The full source code and documentation is available under the BSD license.
View the online javadoc API specifications​. The central classes are Automaton and RegExp​.
Download the precompiled Java archive or get it from Maven Central Repository​.
See the Java source code.
Looking for ports to other languages? See David Lutterkort's libfa library for C and Nikos Baxevanis's Fare library for .NET/C#.
Got questions? See the FAQ.
The latest version 1.12-4 was released January 3, 2022. (​ChangeLog​)
The dk.brics.automaton package is developed by Anders Møller at Aarhus University​, with contributions, suggestions and bug reports from Alexandar Bakic, Jodi Moran, Brandon Lee, David Lutterkort, John Gibson, Alex Meyer, Daniel Lowe, Harald Zauner, Dawid Weiss, Robert Muir, Hans-Martin Adorf, Dale Richardson, Yannick Versley, Gustaf Lundh, Victor Berchet, Astrid Muriel Waindja Younang, Valentin Wüstholz, Simon Gregersen, and Lewis John McGibbney.
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