Britain's Small Wars
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Britain's Small Wars
The preservation of British Military History
Launched, Sunday 11th November 2018. Dedicated and paying tribute to veterans who have served in small conflicts since World War Two. This is an unofficial website with no ties to the Ministry of Defence. We would also like to pay a special tribute to Martin Spirit. For more information please read the About BSW page.
Featured campaigns:| India| Palestine| Korea| Kenya| Aden| Radfan| Oman (Dhofar)| Gulf War| Bosnia| Sierra Leone| Afghanistan
Latest updates
Last updated: Feb 10, 2019
The Aden Withdrawal November 1967 - Aden - 1964-1967
In 1966 whilst onboard H.M. Submarine Auriga, I spent a most enjoyable stay in Aden stopping there enroute for a long commission based on Singapore. From my diary of that time, I note that we arrived at 1340 on Sunday the 20th February when the weather was 85f... read more.
Last updated: Feb 10, 2019
The Ever Readies Aden 1965 - Aden - 1964-1967
I became involved in the British Army's operations in Aden as a member of the Territorial Army; I was not a regular soldier. I had originally joined the services as a boy seaman in the Royal Navy, aged 15, in 1951.... read more.
Last updated: Feb 10, 2019
Tales from Aden 1955 to 1957 - Aden - 1964-1967
I remember when we were in Aden in 66 Rifle Squadron and we used to go up country when the natives got restless. One time we were going up with a convoy of supplies and we came under fire.... read more.
Last updated: Feb 10, 2019
RASC in Aden and the Radfan - Aden - 1964-1967
I was posted to Aden from Aldershot in Feb 1964 after basic training as a driver in the RASC, at Yeovil, & Aldershot. I was so excited to be going to a place like Aden and not Germany... read more.
Some of the Featured
There's quite a bit of body to the water today - Aden - 1964-1967
It's May 1967 and I'm 18 years old and serving in 16 Squadron, RAF Regiment, patrolling around Aden from RAF Khormaksar. The Flight Commander asked for volunteers to go on detachment 'up country' and seeing as there were over a hundred incidents a day in Aden... read more.
Witness of an Execution - Aden - 1964-1967
In 1955 there was a revolt against the ruler, Imam Ahmad, and some princes and army officers involved in the failed coup were caught in Aden by the British Forces, along with the Aden police, and had to be returned to face trial.... read more.
3rd Royal Anglian Regiment in Aden 1967 - Aden - 1964-1967
Having left Berlin at the end of the tour, my first posting and where I joined the East Anglian Brigade in 1965. Posted back to the U.K. to Tidworth, which I found pretty boring, I was very excited a few months later to be off to see some action in Aden.... read more.
Farrar the Para - Radfan - 1964-1967
In the spring of 1964, the sniping war waged in the hinterland of the South Arabian Federation flared up and the campaign that followed was reminiscent of the pre-war fighting on the North-West Frontier of India.... read more.
Urban Terrorism - Aden - 1964-1967
The violence in Aden started on the morning December the 10th 1963. The British High commissioner of Aden , Sir Kennedy Trevaskis arrived at Khormakar airport to catch a London bound aircraft.... read more.
BATT in Oman - Oman - 1969-1976
Two groups of SAS units operated in Oman, one based at Salalha on the coast and one in the desert.... read more.
'Charlie Chinaman's Gunpowder Plot' - Korea - 1950-1957
I was 17 when I finished basic training in the Royal Scots at Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh. After a short stint as regimental butcher, three buddies and I volunteered for Korea.... read more.
The Marines in Palestine - Palestine - 1945-1948
In January 1948, No.40 Commando landed to protect the docks at Haifa, assuming their duties on 3rd February.... read more.
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