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9780521764223 : Evans, Adrian   
Assessing lawyers' ethics : a practitioner's guide / Adrian Evans Evans, Adrian2011
9780521764360 : Dilworth, Craig   
Too smart for our own good : the ecological predicament of humankind / Craig Dilworth Dilworth, Craig2010
9780521764605 : Congleton, Roger D   
Perfecting parliament : constitutional reform, liberalism, and the rise of Western democracy / Roger Congleton, Roger D2011
9780521765183 : Hamilton, C. I   
The making of the modern admiralty : British naval policy-making 1805-1927 / C.I. Hamilton Hamilton, C. I2011
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9780521765879 : Horner, D. M.   
Australia and the new world order : from peacekeeping to peace enforcement: 1988-1991 / David Horner Horner, D. M.2011
9780521765954hardback : Hegghammer, Thomas,   
The Caravan : Abdallah Azzam and the rise of global jihad / Thomas Hegghammer. Hegghammer, Thomas,2020
9780521766005 : Davenport, Christian,   
Media bias, perspective, and state repression : the Black Panther Party / Christian Davenport Davenport, Christian,2010
9780521766265hardback : Johnson, Lawrence E   
A life-centered approach to bioethics : biocentric ethics / Lawrence E. Johnson Johnson, Lawrence E2011
9780521766814 : Hart, W. D.   
The evolution of logic / W.D. Hart Hart, W. D.2010
9780521766852 : Dean, Peter J   
The architect of victory : the military career of Lieutenant-General Sir Frank Horton Berryman / Pete Dean, Peter J2011
9780521766944 : Devinney, Timothy Michael,   
The myth of the ethical consumer / Timothy M. Devinney, Pat Auger, Giana M. Eckhardt Devinney, Timothy Michael,2010
9780521767415 : Johnson, David,   
The geology of Australia / David Johnson Johnson, David,2009
9780521767675 : Calleo, David P.,   
Follies of power : America's unipolar fantasy / David P. Calleo Calleo, David P.,2009
9780521768283 : Pollard, Irina   
Bioscience ethics / Irina Pollard Pollard, Irina2009
9780521768894v18 : Darwin, Charles,   
The correspondence of Charles Darwin / [editors, Frederick Burckhardt, Sydney Smith.] Darwin, Charles,2019
9780521769167 : Campbell, Enid,   
The Australian Judiciary / Enid Campbell [and] H P Lee Campbell, Enid,2013
9780521769327 : Schumacher, Bernard N   
Death and mortality in contemporary philosophy / Bernard N. Schumacher ; translated by Michael J. Mil Schumacher, Bernard N2011
The Cambridge history of Judaism / edited by W.D. Davies, Louis Finkelstein2017
9780521769709 : Eggleston, Dennis L.   
Basic electronics for scientists and engineers / Dennis L. Eggleston Eggleston, Dennis L.2011
The Cambridge companion to the Stoics / edited by Brad Inwood2003
The Cambridge companion to Giotto / edited by Anne Derbes, Mark Sandona2004
9780521770088 : Clarke, Georgia,   
Roman house--Renaissance palaces : inventing antiquity in fifteenth century Italy / Georgia Clarke Clarke, Georgia,2003
9780521770262 : Flint, Kate   
The Victorians and the visual imagination / Kate Flint Flint, Kate2000
9780521770262hardback : Flint, Kate   
The Victorians and the visual imagination / Kate Flint Flint, Kate2000
The Cambridge companion to the Brontës / edited by Heather Glen2002
9780521770521hardcover : Hart, William D.,   
Edward Said and the religious effects of culture / William D. Hart Hart, William D.,2000
9780521770552 : Rubiés, Joan Pau   
Travel and ethnology in the Renaissance : South India through European eyes, 1250-1625 / Joan-Pau Rub Rubiés, Joan Pau2000
9780521770569 : Lapidus, Ira M.   
A history of Islamic societies / Ira M. Lapidus Lapidus, Ira M.2002
9780521770569cased : Lapidus, Ira M.   
A history of Islamic societies / Ira M. Lapidus Lapidus, Ira M.2002
9780521770644 : Di Cosmo, Nicola,   
Ancient China and its enemies : the rise of nomadic power in East Asian history / Nicola Di Cosmo Di Cosmo, Nicola,2002
Basic biotechnology / edited by Colin Ratledge and Bjorn Kristiansen2001
A handbook of dates : for students of British history / edited by C.R. Cheney2000
9780521770989 : Prantzos, Nikos   
Our cosmic future : humanity's fate in the universe / Nikos Prantzos Prantzos, Nikos2000
9780521771009 : Norton, David   
A textual history of the King James Bible / David Norton Norton, David2005
9780521771115 : Krishnamurti, Bhadriraju   
The Dravidian languages / Bhadriraju Krishnamurti Krishnamurti, Bhadriraju2003
The Development of standard English, 1300-1800 : theories, descriptions, conflicts / edited by Laura2000
The Development of standard English, 1300-1800 : theories, descriptions, conflicts / edited by Laura2000
9780521771184hbk : Wardy, Robert   
Aristotle in China : language, categories and translation / Robert Wardy Wardy, Robert2000
The Cambridge companion to the Spanish novel : from 1600 to the present / edited by Harriet Turner an2003
9780521771351 : Curtin, Philip D   
The world and the West : the European challenge and the overseas response in the Age of Empire / Phil Curtin, Philip D2000
9780521771412 : Sillitoe, Paul,   
Social change in Melanesia : development and history / Paul Sillitoe Sillitoe, Paul,2000
The Cambridge companion to Sam Shepard / edited by Matthew Roudané2002
9780521771726 : Isenberg, Andrew C.   
The destruction of the bison : an environmental history, 1750-1920 / Andrew C. Isenberg Isenberg, Andrew C.2000
Word and image in Japanese cinema / edited by Dennis Washburn, Carole Cavanaugh2001
9780521771887 : Kumar, Krishan   
The making of English national identity / Krishan Kumar Kumar, Krishan2003
Music theory and natural order from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century / edited by Suzann2001
A history of European housing in Australia / edited by Patrick Troy2000
The Cambridge companion to Darwin / edited by Jonathan Hodge and Gregory Radick2003
9780521772235 : Farrell, Joseph,   
Latin language and Latin culture from ancient to modern times / Joseph Farrell Farrell, Joseph,2001
9780521772297 : Ziman, John   
Real science : what it is and what it means Ziman, John2000
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