Southern Africa
Alfredo Zuniga/AFP/Getty Images
Mozambique Is Grabbing the World’s Attention
An insurgency in the country’s north is driving a humanitarian crisis. Mozambique’s neighbors are no longer the only ones taking notice.
Blog Post by Michelle Gavin
Foreign Involvement Grows in Mozambique’s Counterinsurgency
Blog Post by John Campbell
Understanding the New U.S. Terrorism Designations in Africa
via International Crisis Group
Youssef Massoud/AFP/Getty Images
How Pending Evictions Led to Violence
Tensions over Israeli treatment of Palestinians have escalated into the worst violence between the sides in years, but it’s unlikely to prompt a strong international reaction.
In Brief by Steven A. Cook
The U.S. Can Neither Ignore nor Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
with Martin S. Indyk via Foreign Affairs
What Is U.S. Policy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?
Backgrounder by Kali Robinson
United Kingdom
Will Scotland Be Independent?
In Brief by David J. Scheffer and Madeline Babin
Roundtable: Scotland’s Place in the World
Event with Michael Russell
Scotland Weighs Its Future Within Britain
via New York Times
The TSA Should Regulate Pipeline Cybersecurity
Blog Post by Robert K. Knake
The Underbelly of Ransomware Attacks: Local Governments
Blog Post by Michael Garcia
The Ransomware Pandemic
via Axios
COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Are Being Underreported
In Brief by Claire Felter
India’s COVID-19 Crisis Is What the World Feared
Photo Essay by Claire Felter and Sabine Baumgartner
How Two Young Math Geeks Solved the Mystery of Mexico City’s COVID-19 Dead
via Washington Post
Why China-Taiwan Relations Are So Tense
Backgrounder by Lindsay Maizland
A Conversation with David Swensen
Event with David Swensen November 14, 2017 Stephen C. Freidheim Symposium
Virtual Roundtable: Managing Global Disorder: Major Power Rivalry in the Middle East
Virtual Event with Anna Borshchevskaya and Steven A. Cook April 6, 2021 Center for Preventive Action
Transition 2021 Series: The U.S. Approach to Latin America and the Caribbean
Virtual Event with Paul J. Angelo, Mauricio Mesquita Moreira and Celina Realuyo May 3, 2021
The Future of Health-Care Technology
Event with Ran Balicer, Farzad Mostashari and Cheryl B. Pegus May 6, 2021
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Expert Spotlight
Rachel B. Vogelstein
Douglas Dillon Senior Fellow and Director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program
Women’s Power Index
Interactive December 12, 2019 Women and Foreign Policy Program
David P. Fidler
Senior Fellow for Global Health and Cybersecurity
Chuyên gia: Nguy cơ thêm biến chủng nCoV nguy hiểm
Via VnExpress
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India’s COVID-19 Crisis Is What the World Feared
Photo Essay by Claire Felter and Sabine Baumgartner
India is suffering the world’s largest COVID-19 surge, and the effects are reverberating worldwide as the country restricts its vaccine exports. International offers of aid are multiplying.
What to Know About the Conflict in Ethiopia
United States
Why Does the Census Matter?
Women’s Power Index
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Experts in the News
Mounk: Populists Dislike Logic That Imposes on Their Political Preferences
Via Fareed Zakaria, GPS May 2, 2021
Takeyh: The U.S. Can Support Freedom’s Ferment in Iran
Via Wall Street Journal May 2, 2021
Haass: The Costs of Staying in Afghanistan Are Far Less Than the Costs of Leaving
Via MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports April 21, 2021
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