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High ground, high prices
By Casey Tolan
How climate change is speeding gentrification in some of America's most flooding-vulnerable cities
The year of reckoning: How 2020 revealed the fault lines in American policing
Dozens of Amazon's own products have been reported as dangerous -- melting, exploding or even bursting into flames. Many are still on the market
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They wanted to overturn the election, but they didn't vote
CNN's Drew Griffin reports on a number of people who participated in the insurrection at the US Capitol to overturn the results of the 2020 election but didn't vote in the election.
Oath Keeper joined Capitol mob after appearing with Trump ally Roger Stone
Antivaxxers worked with 'Stop the steal' organizers for Jan. 6 rally
'Hunger Games' approach blamed for Covid-19 vaccine woes
Trump's influential supporters spoke of what was coming before riot
Lawmakers' fiery language under scrutiny
The online warning signs of the violent Capitol siege
Florida put 'politics in front of lives,' official says
How Trump is fueling the alarming growth of QAnon
Fired Covid-19 data expert speaks out
Florida's dark money mystery
A breakdown of Giuliani's role in Trump's post-election fight
Some of the victims can't speak. They rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their beds. They have been robbed of their memories. They come to nursing homes to be cared for.
High ground, high prices
By Casey Tolan
How climate change is speeding gentrification in some of America's most flooding-vulnerable cities
'Please help me before it's too late'
By Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken
Behind bars, they beg for medical attention from a giant government contractor. For some, help doesn't come -- or it comes too late. A CNN investigation exposes preventable deaths and dangerous care that government agencies have failed to stop.

Fired Florida Covid data scientist's lawsuit calls search of her home 'retaliation'
By Curt Devine, CNN
The former Florida data analyst who has accused state officials of covering up the extent of the pandemic has filed a lawsuit alleging that police obtained a "sham" search warrant aimed at retaliating against her for being a whistleblower.
Stop the Steal's massive disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone
Grandfather serving 505-year sentence ordered to be released 'without delay'
Arkansas police chief resigns after calling for violence against Democrats
A 20-year-old woman cast her ballot early before dying of cancer. Her state will throw it out.
Donations have surged to a 'scam' political group that claims to help police officers
States grapple with mask rules at polls to avoid dangers of both superspreaders and standoffs
Weird science: How a 'shoddy' Bannon-backed paper on coronavirus origins made its way to an audience of millions
He sold an AR-15-style rifle to a mass shooter. Now he wants universal background checks
Lawmakers say Amazon has 'turned a blind eye' to potential dangers posed by its own brand
From model trooper to murder charge: Records offer insight about Georgia roadside killing
Neighborhoods at risk for Covid see disproportionately high eviction rates
Lawyer says cop shot Jacob Blake after hearing a mother's desperate plea: 'He's got my kid. He's got my keys'
Senators demand recalls after CNN report finds Amazon's own products are being flagged as fire hazards
Congressional candidate's apparent ascent to Congress could be a 'bellwether' for QAnon
Lawsuits reveal just how fraught the workplace has become in the age of Covid-19
Dozens of Amazon's own products have been reported as dangerous -- melting, exploding or even bursting into flames. Many are still on the market
A new front in coronavirus disinformation: Wall Street research
Laid off and now evicted amid Covid-19, a Houston father contemplates homelessness in a pandemic
A Black man shot in the back, a teenage shooting suspect, a city in flames: The week that shook Kenosha and the country
Suspect in fatal Portland shooting of right-wing activist killed during attempted arrest, US Marshals say
Judges keep Kanye West off Arizona and Virginia ballots
Gas station secured small business bailout money, then paid for Trump billboards
Trump's false claims on mail-in voting do more to harm elections than threat of fraud, experts say
As Jacob Blake's family seeks answers, little is known about the officer who shot him
Plenty of coronavirus tests are available, but they're not being used
The three people indicted along with Steve Bannon: Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato and Timothy Shea
Alaska Pebble Mine opposed by Trump Jr. hit with unexpected setback
These men received 505-year prison sentences each. Now their cases are under new scrutiny
Postal union leaders doubt recent changes will be fully restored, despite USPS announcement
Internal USPS documents raise questions about effectiveness of sorting machines removal order
Las Vegas entertainers fear dire straits as weeks of unemployment turn to months
Postal Service removes some mail-sorting machines, sparking concerns ahead of election
Kodak insider's stock donation raises new concerns around the company's government loan
Trump administration signals controversial mine can move ahead, reversing Obama-era position
Inside the federal prison where three out of every four inmates have tested positive for coronavirus
Documents show major lab's coronavirus tests took days longer than publicly stated
House panel asks watchdogs to investigate Army Corps of Engineers' review of Alaskan mine project
Trump's Covid-19 testing czar says the government is doing all it can on tests. That's not what the experts say.
Groping, a nude photo, a sex party invite: Former Ailey dancers say director abused power with students
He's considered an 'essential' worker. What he feels, though, is underpaid and at risk.
A key miscalculation by officers contributed to the tragic death of Breonna Taylor
Nursing home worker deaths going unscrutinized by federal government
Alvin Ailey dance theater official fired after sexual misconduct allegations
Montana entrepreneur who sparked controversy during Puerto Rico hurricane response wins $4M no-bid PPE contract
Bodycam footage from Phoenix arrest reveals new details about Black man's death in custody
Covid-19 testing: A spike in demand, a delay on results
Police unions have helped shield officers from accountability. Now they're facing unprecedented backlash
He's considered an 'essential' worker. What he feels, though, is underpaid and at risk.
When it comes to policing the police, strong watchdogs are the exception
Want to reform the police? Hire more women
As demand for police reform grows, military equipment program faces new scrutiny
Videos raise question about in-custody death deemed an 'accident' by Tennessee officials
Officer charged with killing George Floyd still eligible for pension worth more than $1 million
Minneapolis police are rarely disciplined for complaints, records show
Nursing home resident: 'I feel as though I am in #DeathCamp2020'
Gun-toting members of the Boogaloo movement are showing up at protests
Two-thirds of people put in neck restraints by Minneapolis police were black, department data shows
As rage over killings of black Americans sweeps nation, DOJ has all but abandoned broad police investigations
Moderna's coronavirus vaccine announcement set off a frenzy on Wall Street. Now some are calling for an investigation
Federal agencies turn to untested suppliers for big PPE contracts
Sales of drug touted by Trump have been soaring
'We've been muzzled': CDC sources say White House putting politics ahead of science
Thousands of people want to be exposed to Covid-19 for science
Rollout of antibody tests met with confusion, little oversight
Nation's stockpile proves to be no match for a pandemic
Hand sanitizer is still considered contraband in some prisons around the country
In quest for vaccine, US makes 'big bet' on company with unproven technology
Big commercial labs given priority for coronavirus testing equipment by feds
Rural hospitals are facing financial ruin and furloughing staff during the coronavirus pandemic
Covid-19 is ravaging nursing homes. Government records show why
House Democrats investigating unproven Covid-19 antibody tests
How coronavirus testing fumbles squandered valuable time
Covid-19 antibody tests can help people rejoin society, but some are stuck in China
States finally have high-speed machines to detect Covid-19 -- but few tests to run on them
'Mind-boggling': How pandemic planning never accounted for a President like Trump
How the government delayed coronavirus testing
Coroners worry Covid-19 test shortages could lead to uncounted deaths
How did coronavirus break out? Theories abound as researchers race to solve genetic detective story
Some cities see jumps in domestic violence during the pandemic
As coronavirus cases grow, hospitals adopt a system to rank patients for treatment
Documents show backlog of 160,000 coronavirus tests at just one lab company
The timetable for a coronavirus vaccine is 18 months. Experts say that's risky
Companies making medical supplies say feds aren't taking charge
Federal officials repeatedly warned that US hospitals lacked enough ventilators
Health care workers on frontlines feel like 'lambs to the slaughterhouse'
Severe shortages of swabs and other supplies hamper coronavirus testing
As testing ramps up, many doctors and patients are still experiencing problems
What it's like on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus
Confusion over the availability and criteria for coronavirus testing is leaving sick people wondering if they're infected
'They didn't protect us': Some coronavirus responders stunned by lack of protective measures
Trump-branded properties charged federal government at least $1.2 million, records show
Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor
Americans reveal what life in coronavirus quarantine is really like
Exclusive: New evidence shows a patient warned Columbia University about OB-GYN's alleged sexual assault decades ago
Evelyn Yang says Columbia University and New York DA 'grossly mishandled' case of OB-GYN she accuses of sexual assault
Manhattan DA's office investigating new assault allegations against former Columbia OB-GYN
Dozens of accusers emerge after Andrew Yang's wife reveals sexual assault
The 'swarm': How a subset of Sanders supporters use hostile tactics to drown out critics
Former ATF agent at center of legal dispute over AR-15
Evelyn Yang was assured justice. Here's how the doctor she says assaulted her went free
ICE reopening long-closed deportation cases against Dreamers
Whistleblower says US airports becoming unsafe as TSA relaxes security measures in favor of speeding up lines
Controversial mining company coached Alaska's governor to lobby White House
Ex-wife of NJ shooter says earlier life showed no signs of later violence and extremism
Giuliani's associates boasted of US government ties, Ukraine gas executive says
Divorce hearing testimony of Giuliani associate sheds light on campaign donations
The Trump administration is dialing up efforts to 'build that wall,' records show
Major hotels break promises on allowing feds to detain immigrants in their rooms
'Secret and unaccountable': Where some immigrant teens are being taken by ICE
With asylum seekers blocked from reaching safe haven in US, volunteers take help south to them
Environmental group files SEC complaint about mining company stock trades days before major EPA announcement
He sold illegal AR-15s. Feds agreed to let him go free to avoid hurting gun control efforts
Medical care in immigrant detention centers under fire
Police feared Odessa shooter was planning attack - 8 years ago
Cashing in on dementia patients: drugmaker to pay $116 million in fraud settlement
Texas shooting highlights dangers of guns sold without background checks
States are trying to change a system that keeps poor people in jail. The bail industry is blocking them.
Exclusive: El Paso suspect's mother called police concerned about gun
CNN investigation exposes preventable deaths and dangerous care in jails and prisons across the country
Exclusive video shows Dayton gunman Connor Betts in bar in the hours before shooting
Private investigator has spent a decade on Jeffrey Epstein's trail
Doctor at center of scrutiny over Trump FAA nominee faces disciplinary action
Attorney claims Jeffrey Epstein had improper sexual contact with one woman while he was serving time
Whistleblower says he was pressured by Trump administration to reverse environmental decision
Prosecutors to retry volunteer worker who aided migrants
Doctor says Border Patrol often misses early signs of illness in migrant children
Senators question FAA nominee on whistleblower retaliation lawsuit
After deaths, more tourists to Dominican Republic say they were stricken with illness
Pilots criticize Boeing's 737 Max design at House hearing
Spotlight on Elaine Chao after public appearances with family members
Shanahan withdraws as Trump's defense pick as domestic incidents resurface
US Customs supervisor had 'highly suspicious' contact with Chinese officials, prosecutors say
No verdict in controversial border aid case
Colorado couple: We were sickened at same Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died
Trial begins for No More Deaths volunteer who aided migrants
Virginia Beach suspect resigned hours before shooting, official says
First on CNN: Despite crashes, Boeing proposes no simulator training for 737 MAX pilots
Pilots union to Boeing: 'Inexcusable' to blame pilots for 737 Max crashes
FAA chief says nothing shows agency failed in review or certification of Boeing 737 MAX
ATF on the hunt for thousands of illegal machine gun conversion devices smuggled into US
He's accused of war crimes and torture. Uber and Lyft approved him to drive.
737 Max lawsuit suggests parallels to 1990s crashes
District urged school to investigate concerns it could become the next 'Columbine' months before Tuesday's fatal shooting
Boeing relied on single sensor for 737 Max that had been flagged 216 times to FAA
Concerned parent describes 'pressure-cooker' environment at site of Colorado school shooting
Convicted terrorist-turned-US citizen to be deported following prison sentence
Synagogue suspect's homicidal hatred seemed to appear out of nowhere, even by his own account
Pentagon IG investigation renews scrutiny of Shanahan's ties to Boeing
For an Arizona border community, life under Trump means risks, limbo and delays
Interior IG opens investigation into Secretary David Bernhardt four days after confirmation
Defense Department charged $300,000 at Trump properties since 2017
Safety watchdog questions FDA's approval of Parkinson's psychosis drug
Interior Dept. approved far more oil and gas permits during shutdown than previously known
Unlicensed dealers provide a flow of weapons to those who shouldn't have them, CNN investigation finds
Answers to the pressing questions behind the FAA and the Boeing crash
Congress wants to see acting Interior secretary's calendar -- he says he doesn't keep one
Charity leader retires days after CNN reveals details of sex crime charge
One gun's path to destruction
A servant to the poor: Was he 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'?
ICE supervisors sometimes skip required review of detention warrants, emails show
New Parkinson's psychosis drug target of DOJ investigation
Key players charged in $200 million psychic mail fraud case
15 times former clients of the acting Interior secretary got favorable decisions
Russia is backing a viral video company aimed at American millennials
Drugmaker that pushed pill on elderly now facing fines
Moved by CNN investigation, Georgia lawmaker proposes storing rape kits for at least 50 years
A mysterious Twitter account stoked the DC protest controversy, but who was behind it?
Three years after DC holdup, victims still suffer while unlicensed gun dealer is free
Stressed out and at risk: Inside Uber's special investigations unit
How an engineer and a crack dealer teamed up to sell scores of unlicensed guns
DEA agent linked to Colombian money laundering scheme, prosecutors say
GOP candidate will ask NC court to certify results of disputed election
Gun form liars may go on to commit gun crimes, internal ATF research suggests
Bureaucrats flagged White House on questions about Kushner. A judge says that's not normal
US asylum seekers face long waits or risky crossings, thanks to supposed capacity crunch
California's largest utility provider's role in wildfires is under scrutiny
130,000 left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Census Bureau says
Springfield Police to launch review of destroyed rape kits following CNN investigation
One suspected driver of the migrant 'caravan': climate change
Man at center of North Carolina election fraud probe turned in hundreds of absentee ballot requests
'Disturbing' rape kit investigation prompts action in several states
Police chief apologizes to rape victims and vows reforms
5 takeaways from CNN's investigation into rape kit destruction
Law enforcement agencies respond to CNN's rape kit investigation
How CNN reported on rape kit destruction
Good evidence gone
'They treated me like trash'
Where police failed rape victims
How rape cases went wrong
How the trashing of rape kits failed victims and jeopardizes public safety
Federal Air Marshals accused of more than 200 gun mishaps
Whitaker ran conservative group funded by dark money
US banks prepare for Iranian cyberattacks as retaliation for sanctions
Whitaker's link to a 'scam' company that was shut down by the government
Trump said military should shoot rock-throwing migrants. Officials disagree.
Thousand Oaks gunman was a Marine veteran who often visited the site of the shooting
Social network Gab, a home for anti-Semitic speech, produced some of its own
Bomb suspect arrest: What we know about Cesar Sayoc
Federal judge proposes halt on absentee ballot rejections in Georgia
How Kavanaugh maneuvered to win his confirmation fight
Kavanaugh friend Chris Dudley was arrested in 1985 bar incident, police report shows
Georgia county tosses out hundreds of minority absentee ballots
FDA concludes examination of Parkinson's drug
'The Maria Generation': Young people are dying and suffering on an island with a highly uncertain future
FEMA official: Puerto Rico knows more about hurricane deaths than it has told the public
Election error may have cost Georgia representative his race
Overwhelmed FEMA called on 'bottom of the barrel' staff for 2017 disasters, GAO says
Puerto Rico says nearly 3,000 people died in Hurricane Maria. So why have officials produced only 57 names?
Jacksonville shooter had history of mental illness and police visits to family home
6 million Georgia voters' records exposed: 'Could have easily been compromised'
Virginia report clears child detention center of abuse, but youths' lawyer says investigation was insufficient
Exclusive: Senators ask DHS to crack down on alleged coerced labor in immigrant detention centers
'Broken guy' who stole plane was troubled, but 'never really knew it'
Puerto Rico admits Hurricane Maria's death toll may be 1,427
How to get off a scammer's suckers list
'Easy prey': How a massive psychic fraud gained its power
Here's yet another reason to doubt the Hurricane Maria death toll
Federal court orders changes in how US detains and treats migrant children
Mystified friends recall slain Houston doctor as warm, hard-working and unpretentious
The scam, the psychic, and the "sin" of wanting more
Russian company could have accessed Facebook data on millions of Americans, source says
Fellow Sioux Falls residents speak out on alleged spy's boyfriend
Emails reveal alarm when Trump's golf course gripes leaked
Migrants describe hunger and solitary confinement at for-profit detention center
EPA interim chief lobbied for company seeking EPA contracts
Two Democratic congressmen call for IG probe of Pruitt's secret calendar after CNN report
Deaths from bacterial disease in Puerto Rico spiked after Maria
Whistleblower: EPA's Pruitt kept secret calendar to hide meetings
For one teen asylum seeker, confessing fears led to months in detention
Newspaper shooting suspect nursed years-long vendetta against employees
Medicare spent $2 billion for one drug as the manufacturer paid doctors millions
Possible retaliation at EPA under investigation
The big business of housing immigrant children
Handcuffs, assaults, and drugs called 'vitamins': Children allege grave abuse at migrant detention facilities
Their deaths were labeled 'victim of cataclysmic storm.' So why aren't their names on Puerto Rico's list?
What it's like inside the former superstore in Texas where the US is holding 1,400 immigrant children
British political operatives met with Russian ambassador days after Trump visit
Puerto Rico releases records of deaths since Hurricane Maria to CNN and another news organization
Puerto Rico seeks to delay releasing death records after hurricane; judge rejects motion
Stormy Daniels' ex-attorney rips former client and her new lawyer in countersuit that includes Cohen
Puerto Rico ordered to release death records
Government issues warning about pill pushed on the elderly
Exclusive: How a 'nobody' ex-con pushed Avenatti law firm into bankruptcy
Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers. Here's how rideshare companies fought stronger checks
Santa Fe shooting survivor at vigil: 'All that was going through my head was to get out'
Cambridge Analytica ran voter suppression campaigns, whistleblower claims
For families of vanished migrants, unidentified remains mean answers never come
Border Patrol failed to count hundreds of migrant deaths on US soil
Cop convicted of illegal gun dealing sold weapon used in murder
Is Border Patrol work dangerous? Not compared to being a cop
White House and source deny Trump's ex-doctor was subject of 'raid'
CNN Investigation: 103 Uber Drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse
Hush money deals business as usual for Stormy Daniels' ex-attorney
Michael Cohen asserts Fifth Amendment rights in Stormy Daniels case
FDA re-examines safety of controversial new drug
Judge wants to hear from Cohen before ruling on Daniels case
Motel misery: Hundreds fled Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico only to end up functionally homeless in Florida
Exclusive: FBI seized recordings between Trump's lawyer and Stormy Daniels' former lawyer
FDA worried drug was risky; now reports of deaths spark concern
Trump's lawyer referred a client to Stormy Daniels' former lawyer, raising new questions about collaboration
Obama official: We could have stopped Russian trolls
FBI raids home of fired spy agency contractor suspected of leaking code on Facebook
'We are the forgotten people': It's been almost six months since Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Ricans are still dying
Another Trump attorney involved in Stormy Daniels case
Sheriff says he got 23 calls about shooter's family, but records show more
Deputy who stayed outside during school shooting had glowing reviews, his personnel records show
Former NFL player Jonathan Martin's social media post prompts closure of California school
NRA slams gun-background system flaws it helped create
School shooter threatened others with a gun, first host family told police
Puerto Rico 'exodus': How CNN analyzed and mapped the data
'Exodus' from Puerto Rico: A visual guide
School shooter showed violence and mental instability at home, police reports reveal
From 'broken child' to mass killer
CNN exclusive: After Texas massacre, military rushed to add more than 4,000 to gun ban list
Screaming, fist-banging and 'spit on my face': What it was like to work for Wynn
Super Bowl anti-terrorism documents left on plane
Exclusive: Data show Trump's DC hotel was pricier and emptier than peers in 2017
Workers say they warned Amtrak before deadly crash
The EPA made a surprise move that could protect the world's largest salmon fishery
Police investigating charges against others in Las Vegas strip massacre, lawyer says
Las Vegas Shooting: Unsealed documents reveal new details
La Ruta De María: A journey along the path of the hurricane
Puerto Rico ordered to release death records to CNN and others
Government issues warning about pill pushed on the elderly
FDA re-examines safety of controversial new drug
CNN exclusive: After Texas massacre, military rushed to add more than 4,000 to gun ban list
A month after Border Patrol agent's death, his fiancée has no answers
What's the Treasury doing about bitcoin? A senator wants to know
Interior secretary pushing controversial road project
Gold trader says he made 'maybe $150 million' from plot to beat Iran sanctions
John Conyers III involved in violent incident, may not want his dad's seat
FBI eyes brothers in possible attack on Border Patrol agents
Thousands wait for roofs in Puerto Rico
Drugmaker paid doctors with problem records to promote its pill
Turkey's Erdogan helped Iran evade US sanctions, witness claims
No known evidence of assault in Border Patrol agent death, despite official statements
Puerto Rico adds Quintín Vidal to its hurricane death toll following a CNN investigation into uncounted deaths
Researchers raise new questions about the hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico
After CNN investigation, Puerto Rico asks funeral homes to help identify hurricane deaths
We surveyed 112 Puerto Rican funeral homes to check the accuracy of the hurricane death toll. This is what we found.
Dad confesses to killing missing girlfriend, baby
Las Vegas killer had money troubles prior to attack, but motive still unclear, sheriff says
Drugmaker's ties to nonprofits pose 'conflict of interest'
EPA: Water at Puerto Rico Superfund site is fit for consumption
'Kill them all' -- Russian-linked Facebook accounts called for violence
Puerto Rico's uncounted hurricane deaths
Expert: Water from a polluted Puerto Rico site 'safe to drink'
About 1 million Americans without running water. 3 million without power. This is life one month after Hurricane Maria.
Tech companies are hindering criminal investigations, under outdated law
City of Los Angeles opens investigation into drugmaker following CNN report
In attempt to sow fear, Russian trolls paid for self-defense classes for African Americans
Supreme Court to rule if Microsoft must turn over emails stored overseas
Democrats call EPA's Bristol Bay move 'inconsistent with basic logic'
The little red pill being pushed on the elderly
Las Vegas shooter fired 'incendiary' rounds at fuel tank
This is the most valuable wild salmon fishery in the world
Exclusive: Vegas killer described his unusual habits in 2013 testimony
The unknowable Stephen Paddock and the ultimate mystery: Why?
Las Vegas shooter took 20 cruises, some to foreign ports
Sources: Vegas killer paid cash for property and privacy
Hate crime whodunit: He posted hateful words -- but did he threaten mosque?
EPA head met with a mining CEO -- and then pushed forward a controversial mining project
The fake Tea Party Twitter account linked to Russia and followed by Sebastian Gorka
No one believed he would rape nursing home residents. Now he is going to prison
Sick, dying and raped in America's nursing homes
Minneapolis police are rarely disciplined for complaints, records show
Urgent calls for Trump administration to help with COVID-19 supplies
Bodycam footage reveals new details in death of Muhammad Muhaymin Jr.
Labs issue warning as demand for virus tests surges
Police unions have shielded their officers, experts say
Videos raise new questions in death of man in custody
Minneapolis cops rarely disciplined for complaints, records show
The outsiders at the protests
Nursing home workers raise alarm about lack of supplies
CDC 'muzzled' by White House, sources say
Thousands of people want to be exposed to Covid-19 for science
States paid millions for coronavirus supplies that never arrived
Rollout of antibody tests met with confusion, little oversight
US makes big bet on vaccine company with unproven technology
CNN reporter fact checks Jared Kushner's testing claims
Smaller labs report critical shortage of testing supplies
House Dems investigating unproven Covid-19 antibody tests
Coronavirus test can produce false negatives, company says
Doctors worry about quality of available antibody tests
The Covid-19 ranking system that could decide who gets a ventilator
How the government delayed coronavirus testing
160K backlogged tests: The struggle to keep up with the pandemic
Why the US is behind in Covid-19 testing
Healthcare workers feel like 'lambs to the slaughterhouse'
Labs struggle to catch up with coronavirus testing backlogs
Severe shortages of supplies hamper Covid-19 tests
Former agent warned ATF of loophole regarding AR-15
Giuliani's globetrotting complicates US foreign policy
Giuliani associates' political rise followed debts and lawsuits
Giuliani involved in legal controversy in Romania
"Bailing out her nephew left a Baltimore woman in a cycle of debt"
The steep price of freedom
California's largest utility provider's role in wildfires is under scrutiny
Federal Air Marshals accused of more than 200 gun mishaps
Voter ID rules under scrutiny in North Dakota
Stressed out and at risk: Inside Uber's special investigations unit
EPA interim chief lobbied for company seeking EPA contracts
Whistleblower: EPA's Pruitt kept secret calendar to hide meetings
Scott Pruitt resigns amid ethics scandals
This is the most valuable wild salmon fishery in the world
Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers. Here's how rideshare companies fought stronger checks
The felons found driving for Uber
103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse
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