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LEADER 00000nam a22003738i 4500 001 CR9780511626814 003 UkCbUP 005 20151005020622.0 006 m|||||o||d|||||||| 007 cr|||||||||||| 008 090916s2009||||enk o ||1 0|eng|d 020 9780511626814 (ebook) 020 |z9780521765329 (hardback) 020 |z9780521749343 (paperback) 040 UkCbUP|beng|erda|cUkCbUP 049 INTER 050 00 JQ1850.A58|bB76 2009eb 050 00 JQ1850.A58|bB76 2009 100 1 Browers, Michaelle,|d1968-|eauthor 245 10 Political ideology in the Arab world :|baccommodation and transformation /|cMichaelle L. Browers 264 1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2009 300 1 online resource (ix, 198 pages) :|bdigital, PDF file(s) 336 text|btxt|2rdacontent 337 computer|bc|2rdamedia 338 online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 490 1 Cambridge Middle East studies ;|v31 500 Title from publisher's bibliographic system (viewed on 05 Oct 2015) 505 0 Introduction : ideological thought and practice in the Arab region -- Retreat from secularism in Arab nationalist and socialist thought -- A more inclusive Islamism? : the wasatiyya trend -- Framing a cross-ideological alliance -- The Egyptian Movement for Change : intellectual antecedents and generational conflicts -- Yemen's Joint Meeting Parties : origins and architects -- Conclusion : ideological rapprochement, accommodation, transformation, and their limits 520 Arab nationalism and Islamism have been the two most potent ideological forces in the Arab region across the twentieth century. Over the last two decades, however, an accommodation of sorts has been developing between liberals, socialists and Islamists, to protest unpopular foreign and domestic policies, such as those aimed at cooperation with Israel or the war in Iraq. By examining the writings of Arab nationalist, socialist and Islamist intellectuals, and through numerous interviews with political participants from different persuasions, Michaelle Browers traces these developments from the 'Arab age of ideology', as it has been called, through an 'age of ideological transformation', demonstrating clearly how the recent flow of ideas from one group to another have their roots in the past. Political Ideology in the Arab World assesses the impact of ideological changes on Egypt's Kifaya! [Enough!] movement and Yemen's joint meeting parties 650 0 Ideology|xPolitical aspects|zArab countries 651 0 Arab countries|xPolitics and government|y1945- 710 2 Cambridge EBA 776 08 |iPrint version: |z9780521765329 830 0 Cambridge Middle East studies ;|v31 856 40 |u 10.1017/CBO9780511626814 |z ACCESS ELECTRONIC RESOURCE 989 7 political_ideology_in_the_arab_world_accommodatransformati on_____2009_______caa_______________________________

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