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With a view to bringing people together and achieving critical, open and meaningful dialogue, the Dialogue Society organises a range of discussion forums in different formats throughout the year at its headquarter offices in Islington and its branches across the UK. Discussions include a wide range of issues related to Dialogue Society areas of interest, encompassing topics, and speakers, beyond the usual remit of dialogue organisations. They attract diverse policy-makers, academics, researchers, journalists, professionals, students, community leaders and others. Through this engaging and expansive platform, speakers and members of the audience engage in constructive and critical dialogue on a miscellany of issues affecting their personal, professional and communal lives.
By introducing innovative discussion formats the Dialogue Society reaches out to a broader audience. The Straight Talk series is based on searching interviews with leading thinkers, conducted by prominent journalists. Street Dialogue takes dialogue to the streets of North London and beyond, inviting members of the public to share their perspectives on issues that matter to them. Dialogue Society discussion forums also include more prolonged dialogues in an academic context: academic workshops and conferences. Such events provide a rigorous, methodical context for the scrutiny and evaluation both of dialogue practices and of social and political issues pertinent to these. They also encourage fruitful interaction between people engaged in academia, policy, and the community.
Types of Discussion Forums
Panel discussions
Roundtable discussions
Straight Talk
Workshops and conferences
Street Dialogue
Areas of interest covered
Community cohesion and multiculturalism
Identity, integration and citizenship
Family, education and youth
Media, culture and communication
Human rights and civil liberties
Theology and religious studies
World cultures and societies
Peace-building and conflict resolution
International relations and diplomacy
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For a list of past discussion forums in London please see the list below. Listings of events at Dialogue Society branches across the country are available here.
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Article TitleDate
Fostering Inclusive Workplaces | Racial Equality Panel Series27 May 2021
Exploring the Making of Women Leaders: Examples From the UK23 Mar 2021
Evolving Dialogues in relation to Fundamental British Values and Prevent25 Feb 2021
Women in Academia: Underrepresentation and Discrimination09 Dec 2020
Academic Workshop: Rethinking Dialogue in the Age of New Challenges and Opportunities26 Nov 2020
Women in Workplace: Positions of Leadership18 Nov 2020
Women in Politics: Positions of Leadership21 Oct 2020
An Oversight of Racism in the UK30 Sep 2020
BAME Women and Mental Health24 Sep 2020
The Covid-19 PANDEMIC: Impact on BAME Women29 Jul 2020
What is racism - and where does the Black Lives Matter movement come in? Recollections from the US to the UK and beyond16 Jul 2020
Discussion on “Rethinking Dialogue in the Age of New Challenges and Opportunities”02 Jul 2020
Lessons from Coronavirus Pandemic: A Community Perspective Through an International Lens17 Jun 2020
Lessons from Coronavirus Pandemic: A Community Perspective11 Jun 2020
Roundtable discussion on Educating for the Middle Way: Social Capital for Peaceful Relations02 Apr 2020
Defining (or Identifying) Recent Trends in Extremism in the UK: Our Communities are under Threat26 Feb 2020
Evolving Dialogues in Multicultural Education18 Dec 2019
Academic Workshop: Critical Dialogues: Dialogue and Conflict Resolution28 Nov 2019
Roundtable Discussion on Back to the future? Being Muslim in a strange land03 Jul 2019
Panel Discussion on 'Britain’s Brexit turmoil after the European Parliament Elections: Communities in Collision or Cohesion?26 Jun 2019
Hate Crime towards Faith and Religions - Croydon Hate Crime Awareness Week 201817 Oct 2018
Book Launch and Panel Discussion on 'Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education'13 Jun 2018
Roundtable Discussion and Book Launch on 'British Multiculturalism and the Politics of Representation'15 May 2018
Roundtable Discussion on Cults, Extremists, Terrorists? A sociological perspective on new religious movements02 May 2018
Roundtable Discussion with Prof Ian Linden on Countering Violent Religious Extremism27 Mar 2018
Roundtable Discussion and Book Launch on 'Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education'14 Mar 2018
Dialogue Society Annual Advisers Meeting12 Feb 2018
Roundtable with Prof Paul Weller on Challenges for Religion and Belief in Equalities, Human Rights and Inter-Faith Relations in a post-Brexit Referendum Britain23 May 2017
Dialogue Theories II Book Launch in London19 Jan 2017
Panel Discussion: Examining the Extreme: Radicalisation among Muslim Youth – Mediums and Tools03 Jun 2015
Panel Discussion: Examining the Extreme: Radicalisation among Muslim Youth - Causes and Roots20 May 2015
Multiculturalism and Education: Contemporary Issues in Education Studies Book Launch30 Apr 2015
Roundtable on Youth, Education and Sense of Belonging in a Diverse Britain26 Nov 2014
Academic Workshop: Dialogue Theories, Volume II26 Jun 2014
Connecting Communities Circle: the Middle Eastern Arab Community05 Jun 2014
Connecting Communities Circle: the Chinese Community25 Feb 2014
Connecting Communities Circle: The North African Community11 Dec 2013
The Muslim World and Politics in Transition Book Launch in London04 Dec 2013
Dialogue Theories Book Launch in London02 Jul 2013
Connecting Communities Circle: the Pakistani Community23 May 2013
Panel Discussion on Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue: Culture and Communities21 Mar 2013
Connecting Communities Circle: the Bangladeshi Community13 Mar 2013
Roundtable on Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue: Politics and Society28 Feb 2013
Roundtable on Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue: Business and Finance14 Feb 2013
Connecting Communities Circle: the Somali Community13 Feb 2013
Straight Talk with Shami Chakrabarti: Liberty, Secrecy and Surveillance21 Jun 2012
Roundtable with Air Marshal Andy Pulford CBE on a Dialogue Between the Royal Air Force and the British Muslim Community19 Jun 2012
Wrestling with Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Democracy in Turkey: The Political Trials and Times of Fethullah Gülen24 Apr 2012
Straight Talk – London Mayoral Elections: People or Politics?10 Apr 2012
European Muslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives on and From the Gülen Movement15 Mar 2012
Roundtable with Dominic Grieve on Faith and Integration23 Feb 2012
Straight Talk - Multiculturalism: Has it a future?09 Feb 2012
Faith Inspired yet Faith Neutral: the Case of the Hizmet Movement and the Dialogue Society28 Jun 2011
Roundtable with Alistair Burt, FCO Minister on The Middle East, Arab Spring and Libya02 Jun 2011
Census 2011 Awareness Event, East London07 Apr 2011
What the Big Society can Learn from the Gülen Movement in Generating Commitment and Social Responsibility31 Mar 2011
The Gülen Movement: A Sociological Analysis of a Civic Movement [and its Finances] Rooted in Moderate Islam31 Mar 2011
The Gülen Movement: A Sociological Analysis of a Civic Movement [and its Finances] Rooted in Moderate Islam30 Mar 2011
Making Dialogue Effective: Dialogue Society Panel Discussion Series23 Mar 2011
Making Dialogue Effective, Panel Discussion 6- Preaching to the Unconverted: How Can Dialogue Reach the Disengaged, the Prejudiced and the Hostile?23 Mar 2011
Making Dialogue Effective, Panel Discussion 5 - Becoming a Dialogue Movement: What Can Dialogue Learn from Other Movements?02 Mar 2011
Making Dialogue Effective, Panel Discussion 4- Skills in Dialogue: Cultivating Effective Listening and Empathy09 Feb 2011
Roundtable with Mr David Warren, The British Ambassador to Japan26 Jan 2011
Making Dialogue Effective, Panel Discussion 3 - Effectiveness in Dialogue for Conflict Transformation14 Dec 2010
Making Dialogue Effective, Panel Discussion 2 - Effectiveness at the grassroots: seeking the personal and the genuine07 Dec 2010
Making Dialogue Effective 1: Effectiveness in Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue: Can it be Defined? How do we Measure it?30 Nov 2010
Roundtable with Prof Joseph Camilleri on Dialogue of Civilizations and the Future of Global Governance23 Nov 2010
God and Community Cohesion - Help or Hindrance?09 Nov 2010
Roundtable with Professor Malcolm Grant CBE on The Future for British Universities in an Age of Austerity03 Nov 2010
Roundtable with Professor Malcolm Gillies on What's Higher Education for?19 Oct 2010
Roundtable with Peter Housden on The Big Society10 Jun 2010
The Challenges of Climate Change08 Jun 2010
Roundtable with HE Mr Andy Sparkes on The Role of The International Community in Post-Conflict Environments11 May 2010
Making Dialogue Work in Interfaith by Lord Khalid Hameed14 Apr 2010
Roundtable with HE Sir Peter Westmacott on Turkey and the European Union12 Apr 2010
Roundtable with Rt Hon Michael Howard MP on Education and Integration30 Mar 2010
Roundtable with Dame Anne Fyfe Pringle on Russia-Prospects18 Mar 2010
Roundtable with HE Mr David Graeme Blunt on Croatia's Accession to EU10 Feb 2010
Human Rights and Islam: Muslim and Non-Muslim Perspectives19 Jan 2010
Roundtable with the German Ambassador to the UK on Muslim Life in Germany14 Jan 2010
Roundtable with Paul Goodman on Islam & Moderation30 Nov 2009
Achieving Peace Through Education and Dialogue: The Gülen Movement21 Nov 2009
Integration and Faith: Denmark's Experience by with HE Birger Riis-Jørgensen28 Oct 2009
Book Launch: "Muslims of Europe: The 'Other' Europeans" by Dr H.A. Hellyer13 Oct 2009
Roundtable with Prof Nilufer Gole on Experimental Public Space03 Oct 2009
Twin Book Launch: Donald Reeves' Memoirs (Continuum) & 'The White House' (Omarska Project)24 Sep 2009
Thematic Dinner with Local Politicians08 Sep 2009
Thematic Dinner with Dialogue Society Advisors & Friends03 Sep 2009
Roundtable with the Spanish Ambassador to the UK on the Alliance of Civilisations02 Jul 2009
Community Consultation: A Dialogue with Your Local Police01 Jul 2009
Book Launch: The Life and Death of Democracy by Prof John Keane25 Jun 2009
Roundtable with Lord Sheikh on Community Cohesion and Political Participation24 Jun 2009
Roundtable with Simon Hughes MP on Proactive Citizenship and Political Participation15 Jun 2009
Regional Focus: Eurasian Security and Conflict Prevention26 May 2009
A Muslim Perspective on the Human Person in the Context of Interreligious Dialogue23 May 2009
A Critical Approach to Conflict and Terrorism Studies in the Middle East19 May 2009
Islam & Democracy: Theory, Perception and Practice12 May 2009
Euro-Politics and its Effects on the UK: Why Vote for MEP's?29 Apr 2009
Indonesia's 'Young Turks': Contemporary Muslim Thought Below the Winds21 Apr 2009
Roundtable with the Syrian Ambassador to the UK on Turkish Syrian Cooperation and its effect on Middle East Stability16 Apr 2009
The Diaspora ‘Religious Fervour’ in the UK: A reflective case study of Leicester’s Religious Landscape15 Apr 2009
Dysfunctional Families: Where and Why We are Failing within the Muslim Community?09 Apr 2009
The Conservative Muslim Forum Discusses: What a Conservative Government Would Mean for British Muslims01 Apr 2009
Have the UK's Anti-Terrorist Laws Violated Basic Human Rights and Turned Muslims Into a Suspect Community?26 Mar 2009
Pitta & Politics: Panel Discussion on the Prevent and Deradicalisation by Default Strategy25 Mar 2009
Building Community Through Active Citizenship in a Contested Society17 Mar 2009
Book Launch: a Miror for Our Times: "The Rushdie Affair" and the Future of Multiculturalism12 Mar 2009
Media and Religion: Understanding the Rules of Engagement12 Feb 2009
Contemporary Islamic Thought and Practice09 Feb 2009
Islam Motivating Dialogue: the Case of the Gulen Movement29 Jan 2009
Four Principles of Dialogue: Christian Origins27 Jan 2009
Forced Marriage of Young People with Learning Difficulties21 Jan 2009
A Fair Perspective: Islamophobia In The British Media08 Jan 2009
Uniting Against Terrorism: Muslim, Sikh and Hindu Relations in Britain in Light of the Recent Attacks in Mumbai11 Dec 2008
The Catholic Approach to Inter-religious Dialogue: Past, Present & Future Trajectories03 Dec 2008
Community Cohesion - Lives in a Landscape22 Oct 2008
Islam in Dialogue - Dialogue in Islam: Our Collective Responsibility27 Sep 2008
Islam & Dialogue at Barclays Bank Lunch & Learn Series28 Aug 2008
Academic Retreat - Gülen Movement: Dynamics, Objectives & Opportunities23 Jul 2008
The Puritan Gift11 Mar 2008
How Do We Live Together?28 Nov 2007
Conference - Muslim World in Transition: Contributions of the Gülen Movement25 Oct 2007
How to Achieve Meaningful Dialogue02 Oct 2007
A Muslims Perspective on Dialogue16 Sep 2007
Policing the Future20 Feb 2007
Conference - Necessity of Interfaith Dialogue in Preventing another 7/7 at the LSE07 Jun 2006
Conference - Necessity of Interfaith Dialogue in Preventing another 7/7 at the House of Lords06 Jun 2006
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