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DW television to broadcast series by Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef
By Johannes Hoffmann/ew | 03.02.2014
Starting mid-February, one of the most popular TV series in the Arab world, "AlBernameg," will be broadcast by DW television. This was announced by DW Director General Peter Limbourg in Bonn.
Deutsche Welle has obtained the rights to broadcast the 45-minute show on its international Arabic channel - directly following its first broadcast by the channel MBC Egypt. In addition to this, DW has been authorized to rebroadcast each episode a second time, as well as make it available via Livestream and on demand on its website.
"Bassem Youssef is one of the most renowned critical voices of the Arab world," commented DW Director General Peter Limbourg. "Through DW, his show will now reach people across the Arabic-speaking region. Including it in our programming means taking a clear stance in favor of freedom of the press and opinion, as well as courageous journalism. We are showing the world that we adhere to our values."
"I am very happy for 'AlBernameg' to have international exposure through its re-run on DW," said Bassem Youssef. " Deutsche Welle has always been an advocate for freedom of expression and stands for objective reporting without censorship."
Bassem Youssef and "AlBernameg" have won several awards, including last year's International Press Freedom Award. Time magazine named Bassem Youssef one of the 100 most influential people of 2013.
Peter Limbourg has pointed out that, in its Arabic TV programming, DW puts particular focus on topics and formats that promote democracy, freedom and civil society.
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